Create images based on a bunch of other images – Install Image Mosaic Wall on Ubuntu

Image Mosaic Wall is a free open source Image Wall Photo Creator with many other images for Linux and Mac OS. Create a mosaic effect photo using other images. Released in GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3. Comes with an easy-to-use user interface. Just select the output image and the image folder filled with lots of images. Sets the output resolution and grid settings for the variation. Then click the “Create Mosaic” button. You can also save the image.

Install Image Mosaic Wall on Ubuntu

Image Mosaic Wall is available as a portable App Image for Ubuntu. You can download the Image Mosaic Wall AppImage file from this download link and save it in your download folder.

Download image mosaic wall

Open the terminal software (ctrl + alt + t) and execute the following commands one by one.

cd Downloads
sudo chmod +x ~ ImageMosaicWall-x86_64.AppImage

Enter your Ubuntu password and do the following to launch Image Mosaic Wall:


Reference: How to install qFSView on Ubuntu-Storage Visualization App

The user interface is clean and simple.

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