CryptPad: An encrypted open source Google Docs alternative for privacy-conscious users

Introduction: CryptPad is an amazing open source online suite for creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, boards, etc. The best part is that all documents are encrypted. Check out CryptPad in this week’s open source software highlights.

There is no doubt that Google’s online office product suite, including online document products, is quite popular among Internet users. It is available for free, has many features and integrates with other Google services.

Not everyone trusts Google, especially those who care about data privacy. For those who are concerned about privacy, I found an excellent open source online office suite called CryptPad.

As the name suggests, Encryption board Focus on encryption. All the data you store in the cloud is encrypted with your own key. It sounds pretty good? Let’s see more details.

CryptPad: browser-based real-time editor encryption suite

From text editor to whiteboard, Kanban , CryptPad provides the best in its class.

And all these are encrypted on the client side, so the server does not know your document information.

Codebook Richtext Cryptpad Richtext editor

When you register the service with a formal instance, it should provide you with 50 MB of storage space (CryptDrive). However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, storage space has been increased to 1 GB to allow more users to consider using CryptPad for free when working at home. Therefore, depending on when you read this article, the free storage space may vary.

It is completely free, but if you want more storage space and the ability to create unlimited pads (documents), you need to upgrade your account to a paid plan.

In this article, we focus on its official instance (, but you can follow its official instructions for self-hosting GitHub page .

CryptPad comes from XWiki And the group is developing other privacy-oriented open source products and services.

Features of CryptPad

Encryption board function

Think of it as a suite of office tools and cloud services, and it contains many functions. Here they are:

  • Provide Rich Text editor for document creation/editing
  • Provides functions to create and manage spreadsheets
  • Provide a separate code editor with color scheme
  • Able to create presentations
  • Easily create private or public votes
  • Provide Kanban editing
  • Provide a whiteboard for taking notes or whatever you need
  • Password protection of files/documents
  • Document self-destruct function
  • Ability to use link sharing to make the document public or restricted
  • Before sharing a document with others, control their permissions
  • Use iframe snippets to easily embed your tablet anywhere
  • Collaboration options for chat/edit documents
  • Client-side encryption (the server does not know the content of your document)

My thoughts on using CryptPad

Encryption board

I have been using CryptPad (official organization) for some time, and as far as I know, other open source online office/cloud services, CryptPad seems to be one of the best open source privacy solutions. .

I also tried other options, such as Mystery Office -But their availability or speed is not enough to complete the task. Therefore, in this sense, I want to say that CryptPad is a good alternative to Microsoft 365 or Google Docs.

That being said, it is worth noting that if you have a poor network connection, it may be a better choice, because I lost my progress when using CryptPad (autosave failed). So, just a head!

If that is not something you should care about, CryptPad comes with all the good features and some fancy features.

wrap up

I think it is safe to call it a safe and private alternative to any other online collaborative editor suite such as Google Docs.

Even if you are someone who can host instances on your own, CryptPad still enables ordinary users to easily get a privacy-first experience when working with documents, spreadsheets, presentations and presentations in the browser.

For sensitive or important documents, CryptPad may be a better choice than Google or Microsoft services. Of course, this is not for everyone, but it is definitely worth a try for those who like to use encryption services!

If you don’t like online editors, you can take a look at EncryptPad, which is an encrypted text editor.

Do you know CryptPad? Have you tried it already? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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