Czkawka – Find and delete duplicate, empty and corrupted files on Linux

Czkawka is a simple, fast and easy-to-use software for deleting unwanted files from your machine.

Czkawka is a free open source software written in memory-safe Rust. Works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Amazingly fast with advanced algorithms and multithreading.

You can use it to scan the specified folder directory to see the following:

  • Duplicate files based on filename, size, hash, first 1MB of hash
  • Empty folder / empty file.
  • Large file.
  • temporary file
  • Similar image.
  • Zeroized file
  • Invalid symbolic link
  • Corrupted file.

There are also several select buttons for selecting and deleting the desired file from the output.

How to get Czkawka on Ubuntu Linux:

This software provides an official binary package that you can download from the github release page.

Download Czkawka (Appimage)

If you are a Linux user, get the .appimage package. Make it executable from the file properties dialog and finally run it to launch the software.

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