Dash To Panel v24 released with vertical panel orientation, updated from GitHub features

Dash to the panelThe icon taskbar for Gnome Shell has been updated to version 24 to support vertical panel orientation (left or right of the display), update extended features directly from the GitHub version, and more.
The Gnome Shell Dash to Panel extension combines Dash and the top panel into a single base. This way you can run applications (and favorite / pinned apps), taskbar, system menu and date / time indicator on a single panel.
Don’t confuse Dash to Panel with Dash and Dock extensions (from which Ubuntu Dock is derived).
The extension has many features, including live window preview, panel intelligence, multi-monitor support, customizable appearance (including custom styles for running application indicators), and more. There are also various secondary but useful features, such as launching applications pinned to the panel using the keyboard, adding a “show desktop” button to the panel, isolating running applications by workspace or monitor, or dynamic panel transparency . It supports GNOME Shell 3.18 and later.The latest Dash to Panel v24 supports vertical panel orientation, allowing users to place it on the left or right side of the display (previously you could only use it as a horizontal panel). This is a much needed feature that goes back to Earlier years Dash to Panel is particularly suitable for ultra-wide (and not limited to) displays where vertical space is important.

Dash from GitHub to panel update
New updates for GitHub options

Another important update of this Dash to Panel v24 version is the ability to update extensions directly from the GitHub repository, which is useful because extensions need to be checked before being updated on the extension, and in some cases it may take some time. case. This option is not enabled by default-enable it from Dash to Panel Settings -> About. It is worth mentioning that because this update is updated directly from GitHub, this means that the release will not be reviewed like the release from extensions.gnome.org!
More changes to Dash to Panel v24:

  • Respect Ubuntu-specific options to disable hot corners
  • Added option to modify smart delay
  • GNOME 3.34 compatibility improvements, including window preview fix, smart animation fix, Wayland’s hotcorner fix, etc.
  • Increase the maximum pressure threshold
  • Window preview manual style
  • Close preview when entering full screen mode
  • Fix <= regression error on GNOME 3.22

Install Dash to the panel

It is worth noting that Ubuntu users can use this extension without disabling Ubuntu Dock, because Dash to Panel automatically disables Ubuntu Dock / Dash to Dock. If you want to return to using the default Ubuntu Dock, use GNOME Tweaks to disable Dash to the panel; after doing this, the Ubuntu Dock may not be displayed immediately, in which case you can restart the GNOME Shell (Alt + F2And enter r, Or logout / login). Dash to panel requires Gnome 3.18 and higher and can be installed from extensions.gnome.org. At the time of writing, the latest Dash to Panel v24 is already in the review queue and has not been released on extensions.gnome.org (currently has v23).
Those who wish to install the latest Dash to Panel v24 without waiting for the extension to be released can download the latest version ([email protected]_v24.zip) (From extension GitHub) Publish tags, Unzip it, and copy the resulting folder to ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensionsAnd delete _v24 It starts with the folder name, so its name is [email protected].
Or use the following 2 commands to download and install Dash to Panel v24 (requires git with unzip):

wget -O /tmp/dash-to-panel.zip https://github.com/home-sweet-gnome/dash-to-panel/releases/download/v24/[email protected]_v24.zip

unzip -o /tmp/dash-to-panel.zip -d ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/[email protected]

After installing the extension (either manually or using the command I mentioned), if you are using Xorg, restart Gnome Shell (press Alt + F2 And type r,then press Enter Key) or restart the session (logout / login) (if you are on Wayland) and enable Dash to Dock using the Gnome Tweaks app.
To access the “Dash to Dock” settings, you can right-click the application button and select Dash to Panel Settings, Or from GNOME Tweaks.
For future releases, you will be able to update Dash to Panel directly from GitHub with new updates from GitHub features.