DeaDBeeF Player 1.8.4 Released with Updated Soundtouch Plugin

The fourth bugfix release of Dead Beef Music Player 1.8 series was released a day ago and many fixes have been added.

Deadbeef 1.8.4 release highlights:

  • The Soundtouch plugin has been updated and is now included in the release
  • Added% last_modified% title format keyword (Cristian Ciocaltea)
  • Fixed converter stack overflow bug
  • Fixed MP3 parser buffer overflow bug
  • Fixed handling of leading forward slash character in zipper filename
  • Fixed handling of user-specified file masks in artwork plugins
  • Fixed CBR MP3 scan performance
  • Fixed stack overflow in color range calculation of title format
  • Fixed backward compatibility issue with PulseAudio plugin configuration
  • Fixed scrobbling on streaming shout cast track
  • Fixed deadlock when loading a cue sheet that recursively references itself
  • Fixed false positives when detecting free-form MP3 files
  • Fixed skipping fields not supported in cuesheet
  • Fixed regression that caused MP3 tag edits to crash when text cannot be represented as CP1252
  • Fixed playback of certain network streams
  • Fixed processing of ID3v2 COMM frame content description data

DeaDBeeF Player 1.8.4 Released with Updated Soundtouch Plugin

How to install DeaDBeeF 1.8.4 on Ubuntu:

There is Ubuntu PPA repository If the deadbeef .deb package is included, the new release package will be available in a few days.

You can also download 64-bit .deb Package from the link below:

DeaDBeeF for Linux

Note: If you installed an older Deadbeef version from Ubuntu’s PPA, you need to remove it first (run the following command in terminal): .deb Install the music player from the previous link into the /opt/ directory.

sudo apt remove deadbeef

Then install the .deb via the Gdebi package installer (available with Ubuntu software) and enjoy!

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