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How to install custom fonts in Debian

All operating systems come with a large set of fonts already installed. However, sometimes you may need a new font that is not available in the predefined fonts. In this case, you will need to manually download and install this font on your system. This article discusses how to download and install a new font… read more »

How to install IDLE Python IDE in Debian 10

IDLE stands for I amntegrated DeveLtie Environment. This is a graphical user interface for Python development that is well-suited for beginners as it has a simple list of IDE features. The IDE allows you to edit, execute, and debug Python programs in a simple GUI environment. It is supported on all major platforms such as… read more »

Configure Debian Command Prompt

If you like to carry out all your tasks through a terminal like me, you may have noticed how bored it sometimes becomes its black background and white / gray text. Fortunately, there are several ways to bring some life and color to the command line. Some try to change the background to a few… read more »

How to change hostname in Debian 10

When you finish installing the computer, configuring a friendly hostname will be one of the tasks that system administrators must perform. In this article, I am going to show you how to change the host name on a Debian 10 computer. How to display the current hostname? If you want to know the current host… read more »

4 ways to install Opera browser in Debian 10

Opera may not be one of the most popular and famous web browsers today, but it is a fast browser and offers many useful features. It is supported on almost all major OS platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Its main feature, due to which most users prefer it, is its built-in browser-based VPN…. read more »

How to install Microsoft PowerShell in Debian 10

PowerShell is a Microsoft automation platform with an interactive command line shell and scripting language that allows administrators to simplify and automate administrative tasks. Previously, it was only available for Windows, but then Microsoft created a version of PowerShell for Linux users. Snapshots are actually containerized applications that offer a single package that runs on… read more »

How to install grub customizer on Debian 10

Grub Customizer is a great GUI tool for changing the default settings of the grub bootloader. Using this tool, you can add, delete and reorder boot menu items through a graphical interface. It also allows you to edit kernel parameters to change the delay time at boot time. The Grub Customizer tool also allows you… read more »

How to install Cacti SNMP monitoring tool on Debian 10

How to install Cacti SNMP monitoring tool on Debian 10 Cacti is a free open source web-based network monitoring and graphical tool. It provides an advanced graphic template creation and multiple data collection methods for the fast poller. Cacti is the complete front end of RRDTool, which stores all the necessary information about monitoring devices… read more »

Activate two-finger scrolling with the touchpad in Debian 10

People who often use the MacBook are used to using a two-finger touchpad. They also know how useful two-finger scrolling on a laptop is. Fortunately, you can use the same function through Debian on your other laptops, especially if your touchpad is made by Synaptics. If this feature is enabled on your laptop, the touchpad… read more »