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How to access Google Drive in Debian 10

Google Drive is a cloud storage and sync service that allows users to store, sync, and share files across multiple devices. It offers 15GB of free file storage for every Google account. In this article, we will explain how to access the Google Drive account on a Debian system. The process involves connecting your Google… read more »

How to use the arping command in Linux

To a network administrator, ARP may sound familiar. ARP is a protocol that Layer 2 devices implement to discover and communicate with each other. The arping tool works over this protocol. Why do you need arping? Imagine you are working with a small office network. It’s tempting to use the classic ping command to ping… read more »

Recording Animated GIFs with Peek on Debian 10 Buster

If you want to extract gif from any video without a lot of video editing experience, Peek should be your tool. It is a very simple screen recorder with an easy to use interface. Peek makes it easy to create short screencasts for an area of ​​the screen. It was created for the specific use… read more »

How to install SOGo components on Debian 10

How to install SOGo components on Debian 10 SOGo is a free, open source and collaborative component software server released under GNU GPL/LGPL v2 and higher. It comes with an easy-to-use web-based interface and supports multiple native clients. It provides native Microsoft ActiveSync support and also supports mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, Android, Windows… read more »

How to make Debian Linux faster

As a Linux user, you may have experienced a decrease in the speed of your system over time. There can be a number of general suspicions that lead to a decrease in system performance, including a large number of heavy applications at startup, sub-optimal configurations, and many other factors. In this article, we will discuss… read more »

How to install themes for VLC Media Player on Linux

We all have our preferences when it comes to choosing a media player for our systems. Some prefer VLC Media Player, an open source cross-platform software that acts as a media client for playing the vast majority of media file formats. Then there is the popular Windows Media Player, a multimedia player owned by Microsoft… read more »

Install Java JDK on Kali Linux 2020.x

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us. Download the guide in PDF formatturn off Welcome to read our article How to install the latest Java JDK on Kali Linux 2020.x | 2019.x. Many applications require Java to be installed on the computer to make it run smoothly…. read more »

How to format a USB stick in Debian

Formatting a USB drive is a common operation on most computer systems and can come in handy in a variety of ways. For example, you can format a USB drive if it is infected with a virus and the data is corrupted, or you want to change the file system because it is incompatible with… read more »