Dedicated WordPress developers: how to recruit a development team to start

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You have decided to create a new software product or service on WordPress. There is already a good idea, a clear positioning, the first few customers, and even the budget. Nevertheless, there is only one small thing left to define your success-you need a team of WordPress developers.

Who is the person you are looking for: Skilled WordPress professional programmer And analysts, front-end developers or project assistants? In this article, we will explore the right and wrong decisions to recruit and motivate people for WordPress projects. So let’s get started!

Qualifications and motivation

For any member of the development team, two key parameters are critical to success: qualifications and incentives. Qualification describes whether a person can do the job well, and motivation determines the extent to which they use this ability. Below, you will find four extreme cases:

  1. Highest education + highest motivation;
  2. Highest degree + negative motivation;
  3. No qualification + no motivation;
  4. No qualification + positive motivation.

Usually, in the process of gaining valuable experience and acquiring new skills and knowledge, qualifications sometimes improve. Especially qualified WordPress developers should be able to create web pages and all related components: content, hyperlinks, graphic elements, themes, etc. In addition, they must independently determine the hierarchy of web pages and be able to install, configure, manage, and manage WordPress.

At the same time, the motivation of WordPress developers has changed dramatically because it is affected by many factors. In practice, it is difficult to maintain efficiency above the peak of a few days or maintain power above a few months. However, when enthusiasm is highest, qualified WP developers can implement unique innovations that will lay the foundation for future orders or make templates a sign of someone’s business.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to focus on candidates with high qualifications and positive thinking, and the basic motivation is easy to stimulate.

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Correctly select team members

Therefore, we need people who are not only qualified, but also able to work efficiently in the team. Where to recruit them?

1) Large companies

We recommend hiring candidates with experience and correct work culture. Usually, these people have more than 5 years of experience in the field of WordPress development and have worked in large and medium-sized companies. They are very familiar with the rules of the company’s culture-the atmosphere of cooperation within the team, in which senior management and employees are open to modern methods. In large companies, there will always be good WP developers trapped in professional, career or salary growth. They are what you need.

2) Dedicated developers

In addition to large companies, you can also follow a trend that has emerged in recent years-a dedicated development team model. If you are not planning to hire full-time employees, you can hire a dedicated team for your WordPress project. These are usually well-organized and qualified people and no other motivation is needed because they are interested in continuing to work with you in the future.

Risk of hiring the wrong people

Make sure not to recruit candidates (graduates, interns) without WP development experience to the startup team. They have neither the skills to make correct decisions nor the ability to work in teams. Inexperienced WordPress developers will learn at their own expense and have little benefit, but at the same time, replace the people who can move your WordPress site to the top. Moreover, they will spend experienced developers who will have to answer questions, double-check the novice’s work, and then remake.

Of course, there are always lucky exceptions. However, if your goal is to get results within a certain time and budget, then you must take care of the risks and not count on luck.

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in conclusion

When recruiting a WordPress development team, your goal is to recruit experienced developers from large and medium-sized IT companies with rich experience and a high level of corporate culture. Often, the right people come to your office because they find themselves stuck in a career, career, and salary stalemate. They don’t have enough interesting tasks, higher salary prospects, etc. If you need these people, please provide them with what they want.

Of course, everyone has their own expectations. Therefore, it is best to prepare before the first-person job interview and reflect all these requirements in the budget. good luck!

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.Download the guide in PDF formatClose