Deepin 20.3 released in kernel 5.15, support for scroll screenshots

The beautiful Debian-based Linux distribution Deepin 20.3 has been released. Features Kernel 5.15, new features and optimizations for its core app.

The stable Linux kernel has been updated to v5.15 with enhanced support for Intel 12th generation processors and NTFS filesystems. The iso image boots with the 5.10LTS kernel by default, but the user is the Grub boot loader.[詳細]You need to select the new kernel to install from the menu.

Deepin screen captures can now take scroll screenshots via the “Scrollshot” option.When you select the app window to capture, the toolbar[スクロールショット]Options are available. Click on it to scroll the page and take a series of screenshots with a real-time preview. This mode also supports OCR for extracting text from images.

Deepin Scrollshot

In enhanced mode, you can now use the right-click context menu to set how the Dock appears on multiple displays.

Other changes in Deepin 20.3.

  • Video search, preview, and management in the Albums app.
  • Adds support for 2K hard decoding of OLAND chips.
  • Add a shortcut for global search. It also supports searching for markdown files.
  • Add a print entry to the document viewer.
  • Improve file managers, movies, music and other core apps.

Get Deepin 20.3.

Compared to other Linux, Deepin somehow now requires too much disk space. We recommend at least 64 GB and 128 GB. Also, we do not provide a live system to try before installing on disk.

Download Deepin

To get it, go to the link button above.And see the release notes at This page ..

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