Delete EFI encrypted partition in Windows 7/10, create a new partition from the command line.

EFI partition – Required for GPT partitioning on UEFI systems. The standard size of an EFI partition is 100MB, but on 4K Native extended format disks (4KB sectors) it is increased to 260MB.

The standard “Disk Management” utility in Windows cannot delete EFI-encrypted volumes. But the operating system has a console utility called Diskpart.

Run the command line (cmd) as administrator and execute the command diskpart

Remove encrypted EFI

Commands diskpart to delete partitions:

list disk – смотрим список дисков
select disk 1 – выбираем диск 1
clean – удаление всех разделов или томов на диске
list partition – проверка, что все разделы удалены

Create a new section

Commands diskpart to create a new section:

list disk (смотрим список дисков)
select disk 1 (выбираем диск 1)
create partition primary size=n (n - размер раздела в мегабайтай)
assign letter=H (добавляем метку к диску)
format fs=ntfs quick (быстрое форматирование в формат NTFS)

Diskpart commands to create a new partition

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