Designed to be special: Apple isn’t surprised its $ 19 towel has been reordered through 2022

Apple innovators will not be impressed by the fact that their new polishing cloth was re-ordered for nineteen dollars a piece by the end of January 2022.


  • Apple’s No. 19 towel is reordered for the end of January 2022
  • Tim Cook & Co. is not surprised by such strong demand
  • An Apple logo is embossed on the overpriced accessory
  • If you’re getting a bit of FOMO, grab one now!

Apple polishing cloth reordered for $ 19 until 2022

Although the polishing cloth has been reordered through 2022, the company isn’t surprised by the strong demand for its $ 19 towel, which you may have seen in Memes. According to an anonymous Apple official quoted in a new article published by the. has been published New York Times , Shipping is delayed until January 11, 2022 at the earliest.

An Apple official said in an interview, on condition that the New York Times did not quote or identify it, that the company was not surprised by the demand for the polishing cloth. The official said the cloth was very effective and specially designed, including a custom light gray color. Apple said the cloth was made from a nonwoven microfiber but declined to continue working.

An Apple branded polishing cloth was unveiled at its October 2021 event, much to the amusement of the internet. The same cloth, the size of two stacked dollar bills, comes with the iMac Desktop and Pro Display XDR at no extra charge. And thanks to Apple’s innovators, believers would no longer have to buy the company’s all-in-one desktop or $ 6,000 monitor just to get those accessories. No sir, because a piece of fabric embossed with the Apple logo is now also available individually.

– Andrew Cunningham (@AndrewWrites) October 18, 2021

But shortly after sales started, delivery times began to run out as Apple appeared to have sold out the initial inventory of the $ 19 cloth. At the time of going to press, new orders were listed with a waiting period of 10-12 weeks. That is, when you place your order for the $ 19 polishing cloth on At the moment you will not receive the product before 2022.

The cleaning cloth is “compatible” with 88 different Apple products.

Come and see the Apple Cloth ™ ️

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 22, 2021

IFixit’s repair experts performed their ritual teardown dance and gave the $ 19 polishing cloth a repairability rating of 0 out of 10. As the website found out, the product consists of two pieces of cloth that have been glued together. iFixit jokes that if you brag about the price of $ 19 for a cleaning cloth, maybe more than $ 9.50 for two isn’t too bad.

The accessories are made of soft, non-abrasive material and are intended for cleaning every Apple display. As we reported, this includes sensitive nano-textured glass that can be found on the screen of the new MacBook Pro and Apple’s Pro Display XDR.

“Only use the polishing cloth that came with your Pro Display XDR or iMac to remove dust or stains from the nano-textured glass screen,” a support document reads on the Apple website .

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