Dino is a stylish open source XMPP client

Introduction: Dino is a relatively new open source XMPP client that tries to provide a good user experience while encouraging privacy-conscious users to use XMPP for messaging.

Dino: Open source XMPP client

XMPP (Extensible Message Presence Protocol) is a decentralized network model that facilitates instant messaging and collaboration. Decentralized means that no central server can access your data. The communication is directly between the endpoints.

Some of us might call it “old school” technology, either because XMPP clients usually have a very poor user experience, or simply because it takes time to get used to (or set up) it.

that time Dino As a modern XMPP client to help, it can provide a clean and fast user experience without compromising your privacy.

user experience

Dino Xmpp client

Dino does try to improve the user experience as an XMPP client, but it is worth noting that its appearance depends to some extent on the Linux distribution. Your icon theme or gnome theme may make your personal experience look better or worse.

Technically, the user interface is very simple and easy to use. Therefore, I suggest you look at some of Ubuntu‘s best icon themes and GNOME themes to adjust the look of Dino.

Characteristics of dinosaurs

Dinosaur screenshotDinosaur screenshot

You can expect to use Dino as an alternative to Slack, Signal or Wire for your business or personal use.

It provides all the basic features you need in a messaging application, let’s take a look at some things you can get from it:

  • Decentralized communication
  • If you cannot set up your own server, a public XMPP server is supported
  • Similar user interface to other popular Messenger, so easy to use
  • Image and file sharing
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Advanced post search
  • OpenPGP with Europe and America Support encryption
  • Lightweight native desktop application

Install Dino on Linux

You may or may not find it in Software Center. Dino does provide binaries for Debian (deb) and Fedora (rpm) based distributions.

For Ubuntu:

Dino is available in the Universe repository of Ubuntu, you can install it with the following command:

sudo apt install dino-im

Similarly, you can find its packages in other Linux distributions GitHub distribution kit page.

If you want the latest and greatest products, you can also find them at the same time .deb with.Revolutions Dino files can be installed into Linux distributions (built every night) from OpenSUSE Software Web Page.

In either case, go to their GitHub page Or click the link below to visit the official website.

Download Dino

wrap up

It runs just fine without any issues (while writing and quick testing). I will try to explore more about it and hope to cover more XMPP-centric articles to encourage users to communicate with XMPP clients and servers.

What do you think of Dino? Would you recommend another open source XMPP client that might be better than Dino? Let me know what you think in the comments below.