Do fast-charging apps really work?

It’s important to consider fast charging when purchasing a new smartphone or any other electronic device that offers one these days. However, if you have a smartphone without fast charging support, you will often come across apps that promise to improve your device’s charging speed.

Are these fast loading apps working or is it just hype getting millions of downloads and making money from ads? We’re going to explore how fast-charging apps supposedly improve your loading speed and why you probably shouldn’t be using them.

This is how fast charging apps work

Fast charging apps promise to increase the charging speed of your smartphone. If you search for fast loading in the Google Play Store, you will see a variety of apps. They’re free, and you are probably wondering how they manage to meet their massive demands. How do fast charging apps work? Here’s what you need to know.

If you thought that fast charging apps were adding to the power consumption of your device, think again. By nature, fast-charging apps work by disabling several battery-draining features on your smartphone.

These include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, high screen brightness, screen rotation, cellular data (or cellular data), and GPS services. Fast-charging apps can also switch your device to the older third-generation (3G) or second-generation (2G) cellular networks and shut down background apps and services just to reduce power consumption.

You certainly don’t need to perform most of these functions all the time.

The concept behind this is to reduce the battery consumption when charging your device. Your phone retains more power and therefore charges a little faster.

Just don’t expect your device to suddenly fill up in about an hour, much like what can be achieved with 25W, 45W, or faster charging technologies.

Do fast charge apps work?

Yes, fast-charging apps technically work – but you may not notice it.

As mentioned above, the speed at which they increase your device’s charging speed is very limited. This is because these apps don’t increase the power consumption of your device – they just turn off various features to reduce battery consumption.

But even if your device doesn’t support fast charging, you shouldn’t install any of these apps. Here’s why.

Why you shouldn’t use fast-charging apps

Now that you know how fast-charging apps work, it is obvious that you can turn off some of these features yourself as well. You don’t need an app to turn off Wi-Fi, cellular data, and GPS – you can do it yourself. And that’s basically what a lot of these apps do.

Before doing this, however, you should find out why your smartphone is charging slowly in the first place. Knowing some of these reasons can give you an idea that is permanent and likely to result in a significant increase in loading speed than just relying on fast-loading apps.

Also, check out the different ways to charge your Android faster. And if you’re an iOS user, we have a separate guide with various tips on how to charge your iPhone faster.

No more fast-charging apps forever

You shouldn’t install any quick charge apps on your device. Fast charge apps don’t do anything special to increase the speed of your smartphone charging. Instead, you should be able to do these things yourself. Turn off cellular data, reset your cellular network to 3G if necessary, turn off Wi-Fi and GPS, and turn on airplane mode if you have to.

You can simply turn off your device while it is charging. That way, you’ll get similar or better results.

But even if your smartphone doesn’t support fast charging, avoid charging overnight.

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