Do you have a strange iPhone problem? Restart it!

Let’s face it, mysterious bugs sometimes pop up on your iPhone. Sometimes, if you can’t fix them with an update, you can temporarily remove them by restarting your device. This also works for the iPad and the Apple Watch.

The frustration of software bugs

Here at How-To Geek, we’ve noticed weird issues on our iPhones from time to time. Sometimes items on the screen become blurry when they shouldn’t, tapping the screen won’t answer a call, or long-distance travel will affect battery life.

Does any of these problems make sense? No they are failure , which are unintentional programming errors either in the software on which the iPhone (iOS) is running or in various apps. Granted, these issues are typically rare with Apple products, but that makes them all the more frustrating as it’s hard to tell why they’re occurring. But there are things we can do about it.

Reboot: The quick fix method

If your iPhone has encountered a strange glitch or error that you can’t shake off, try shutting it down and restarting it. It’s like restarting your Mac or PC.

By rebooting, you force the operating system and any applications you are using to be reloaded from scratch. This basically wipes the board clean and makes it start over, potentially avoiding a rare scenario in the functioning of the program that could have caused the error. They also clear system memory, which can remove any remaining memory leaks, overflows, or errors that could be causing problems.

How to restart an iPhone varies by model :

  • iPhone without home button: Press and hold the side button and the volume up or down button at the same time until the power off slider appears on the screen.
  • iPhone with home button and side button: Press and hold the side button until you see the power off slider.
  • iPhone with home button and top button: Press and hold the top button until you see the power off slider.

It is also possible to shut down your iPhone without using a hardware button by navigating to Settings> General and tapping Shut Down.

Once the “Slide to Power Off” slider appears on the screen, swipe over it and wait for your device to shut down completely.

Then, press and hold the side button or the top button on your iPhone until you see the Apple logo. If you get started again, it is possible that your mistake has magically disappeared.

If the problem you are having is only in one app (for exampleif an app appears frozen and you can’t use it), you can close and just restart this app instead of restarting it.

How to close and restart iPhone and iPad apps

Update: The ideal way to troubleshoot

iPad and iPhone OS update screen hero

If your iPhone keeps getting the same error and restarting doesn’t help, check for a software update. It’s possible that Apple or app developers have seen the same bug and either fixed it with an update or plan to fix it in a future version.

If the error is related to how iOS is working (the home screen, widgets, bluetooth, or built-in apps, to name a few examples), go to Settings> General> Software Update and update your iOS to the latest available version.

Here’s how to update your iPhone to the latest iOS version

If the error is related to an Apple app that you didn’t download, open the App Store and tap your Apple ID avatar to check for updates. You can update all of your apps or tap the download icon next to the app you want to update. If there is no update available for a particular app, it will not appear in the update list.

How to update iPhone and iPad apps

After updating iOS or an app, check to see if the error is resolved. If so, the update likely fixed it. If it doesn’t, you might want to report the problem to Apple or an app developer.

Report a bug to Apple or an app developer

If an error occurs repeatedly on your device, it is probably worth reporting it so that it can be fixed in the future. You can report an iPhone bug to Apple with this feedback form on the Apple website . When completing the form, select “Bug Report” from the “Feedback Type” menu.

Choose Bug Report from the Feedback Type menu.

If you’re having problems with a third-party app, open the App Store and navigate to the problematic app’s page. Scroll down and tap “App Support” just below the review result.

On the page of an app in the App Store, tap "App support."

This link will take you to the app developer’s support website. Follow the instructions there to contact the developer or report a bug. Much luck!

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