do you have any kid?Use Timekpr-nExt in Linux to limit computer usage per account

The open source software highlight this week is Timekpr-nExt. It is a GUI application used to limit the computer usage of certain accounts on Linux systems. This is a convenient utility for parents who do not want their children to spend too much time on the computer.

Use Timekpr-nExt to limit computer usage on Linux

If there are young children at home who spend too much time on the computer, there may be some restrictions on usage.

With Timekpr-nExt, you can limit the computer usage of certain accounts based on the time of day, the number of hours in a day, a week, or a month. You can also set a time interval to force account users to take a break.

After the given time expires, the user will automatically log out and cannot log in again until the restrictions are met.

Timekpr next icon system notification area

Of course, this means you need to have a separate non-administrator (no sudo access) account for your child. If the child’s account also has administrator access, they can easily change the settings. The children are smart, you know.

Functions of Timekpr-nExt

In addition to annoyingly stylized names, Timekpr-nExt also has the following features:

  • Limit system usage to daily limit, daily limit, weekly or monthly limit
  • You can also set access restrictions based on time and hour
  • Can show users notifications about remaining time
  • Set lock operation (terminate session, close, suspend or lock screen)
  • Track account time usage

Remember the following points:

  • Double check the account you are configuring. Don’t lock yourself out.
  • For each configuration change, click the “Apply” or “Set” button, otherwise the change will not be set.
  • Sub-accounts should not have administrator actions, otherwise they may overwrite settings.

read Documents for more information on using Timekpr-nExt.

Install Timekpr-nExt on Linux

For Ubuntu-based Linux distributions (such as Mint, Linux Lite, etc.), there is a Provide official PPA. You can install it one by one through the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mjasnik/ppa
sudo apt update
sudo apt install timekpr-next

Arch Linux users can Find it in AUR. For other users, please check the repository of your distribution. If there is no such package, you can try the source code.

Timekpr-nExt source code

Likewise, please do not use Timekpr-nExt for your own main account. You can lock yourself.

You will see two instances of the application. Please use (SU) at the beginning.

Timer next

Remove Timekpr-nExt

I can’t say for sure whether deleting Timekpr-nExt will also delete the restrictions you set for users. It is a good idea to restore them manually (24 hours a day). There is no reset button here.

To remove this application (if you installed it using PPA), use the following command:

sudo apt-get remove --purge timekpr-next

Also delete the PPA repository:

sudo add-apt-repository -r ppa:mjasnik/ppa

Just like blocking adult content on Linux, this application is also aimed at children. Not everyone will find it useful, but people with young children can use it as needed at home.

Do you use other applications to monitor/restrict children’s access to the computer?

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