Docklike plug-in: Xfce panel only icon taskbar, supports fixation and window grouping

Docklike plugin It is the dock-like taskbar of the Xfce panel. Use it on the Xfce desktop and you will get an icon-only taskbar, which supports fixed applications and window grouping.

This Xfce panel plugin can replace DockBarX , But it is lighter, with fewer functions and customizations.


  • Pin application
  • Multiple windows of the same application are grouped together; the window list is displayed on hover
  • Fast window switching
  • Class unity Super + number Hotkeys that can be used to start applications or quickly switch between running applications
  • Configurable appearance: You can choose between 3 different indicator styles (bar, dot, rectangle), set the direction of the indicator, the color of the indicator, and force you to use this dock-like taskbar Icon size
  • Such as displaying only the application in the current workspace or monitor, not displaying the list of a single window and using Super key

I would like to point out that the Docklike plugin does not support changing the hover/right-click menu color. Therefore, some themes may not display some themes. In my case, when using Greybird on Xubuntu 20.04, the active items in the window group are not visible.

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Basic usage of Docklike Taskbar plugin

To add this panel plugin to the Xfce panel (of course, after installation), right-click on the panel and select Panel -> Add New Items or Panel -> Panel Preferences -> Items And add the Docklike taskbar from there:

Xfce added to the panel

One of the basic functions of the taskbar is to reorder items. This Docklike Taskbar plugin does not support reordering items directly using the mouse.You need to hold Ctrl When dragging items on the taskbar to reorder them, press the key.

To switch windows quickly, hover your mouse over the icon group and you will see a list of the group of windows, or place your mouse on the window group, and then use the scroll wheel to switch between the group of windows:

Docklike plugin hover

If instead of hovering, but right-clicking the application icon on the taskbar, you can access window options (such as maximize, move, etc.) and fixed window options, and access context window options (such as play/pause), support The previous song and the next song of some media players with this function):

Xfce Docklike plug-in pin project

You can open it by pressing and holding the Docklike Taskbar preferences window Ctrl Right-click on the taskbar icon and select Properties .

Install Xfce’s Docklike plugin

Using this tool, you can easily install the Docklike plugin on Arch Linux and Manjaro AUR package .

On Xubuntu 20.04 and 20.10 and Linux distributions based on these Ubuntu versions (such as Linux Mint Xfce 20), you can use Xubuntu Extras PPA Install the Xfce Panel Docklike plugin:


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/extras

sudo apt install xfce4-docklike-plugin

From what I can find (or actually can’t find it), this Xfce4 Panel plugin does not seem to be packaged for many Linux distributions, so in most cases (except Arch/Manjaro, Xubuntu/Linux Mint Xfce and PCLinux operating system ), you need to install this From source .


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