Download Master PDF Editor 4 (Free Edition) for Linux

Main PDF editor Is a proprietary application for editing PDF documents on Linux, Windows and macOS. It can create, edit (insert text or images), annotate, view, encrypt and sign PDF documents.
Beginning with version 5, Master PDF Editor has removed some features from its free version, such as editing or adding text, inserting images, etc.-When using such a tool, unless the user has purchased the application, the application will Add a large watermark to PDF documents. Full version (about $ 83). MasterPDF Editor 4 is free to download for non-commercial use without any restrictions (at least on Linux, I’m not sure about macOS and Windows), it can still be downloaded and works well, even though it is not linked on the official website of the application.

The main features of the PDF editor:

  • Work with text and objects in PDF documents: edit existing PDF text or add new text, insert images, move existing objects, change existing object sizes, save images from PDF documents to files
  • Annotate PDF documents: highlight, strikethrough or underline text, attach files as comments, add notes, insert arrows, lines and rectangles, create and add stamps, etc
  • Create fillable PDF forms (with text fields, buttons, checkboxes, etc.) and fill out PDF forms
  • Optical character recognition
  • Move, insert, delete, crop or rotate PDF document pages
  • Create, edit and delete PDF bookmarks
  • Check digital signatures, create new digital signatures and sign PDF documents with digital certificates
  • Optimize PDF documents
  • Encrypted PDF files In most cases, you should download the Qt5 version. The Qt4 version of Master PDF Editor is suitable for very old Linux distributions.
  • Create PDF documents from scanned documents / existing files

The application can also be used as a PDF viewer (it opens the PDF in a tab), but this is not something that most people care about, as it is the editing feature of the Master PDF Editor that makes the application very useful.
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Below, you will find download links for Master PDF Editor 4 (4.3.89) for Linux, including RPM packages for Fedora, openSUSE, etc., DEB packages for Debian, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and .tar.gz files should be available in Master PDF Editor runs on other Linux distributions. In most cases, you should download the Qt5 version. The Qt4 version of Master PDF Editor is suitable for very old Linux distributions. It’s worth noting that for the Qt4 64-bit version, I can only find general binary download links. Master PDF Editor 4 for Linux (version 4.3.89) download links:

If your Linux distribution does not use DEB or RPM packages and you must use .tar.gz, make sure to install the qt5-base and qt5-svg required by Master PDF Editor.


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