Dropbox Password Manager Will Be Free to Use from April

Last year Dropbox announced a slew of new features, including a Password Manager. The new feature allows Dropbox users to store their credentials across different websites and services. Until now, the Password Manager feature was available only for the paid Dropbox users. Now the company has announced the feature for all Dropbox users.

Dropbox announcement comes on the same day as LastPass is limiting its free users to one device type.

We’re excited to make the password experience easy for everyone, so starting from April, we’re rolling out Passwords feature for all Dropbox users. Now, with a free Dropbox Basic plan, you can try a limited version of Passwords.

Initially, the Passwords feature was available only for Dropbox Plus (or Premium) users at a monthly subscription of $11.99 or higher. Now all Dropbox users can access a ‘limited’ version of Passwords. Talking about limitations, users will be restricted to 50 passwords beyond which they have to opt for paid plans.

All Dropbox users will be able to use the password manager with automatic syncing across three devices. Lastly, users will be able to securely share passwords with anyone. This feature will go live later this year though.

Dropbox’s Password Manager is very similar to 1Password and LastPass. All of these services help create and store strong passwords across multiple websites and apps. This way, you don’t have to remember all your passwords and instead access all services with a master password. Dropbox assures high security since it uses zero-knowledge encryption.

The Password management space seems to be heating up. Even Apple is said to be working on new password features for iCloud Keychain. However, iCloud Keychain offers limited interoperability as you can use it only on Apple devices.

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