Easiest Way to Bypass Google FRP Lock on Android Devices

Did you know that an average of 78% of technology users forget their passwords? Well, don’t beat yourself if you lose your security details; forgetting is natural.

You know how overwhelming it is to remember all the login details of your social media accounts, work, and personal accounts. You may have forgotten your password, so you quickly reset your Android device, but instead of a solution, you landed into another big problem.

You are wondering, “Why can’t I access my phone after resetting?” This is why:

The Android phone makers unveiled new security details for smartphones featuring Android 5.0 lollipop and above. The introduction of the Google account verification feature changed how you can access android phones after resetting.

If you aren’t a technology wizard, you are probably looking for the easiest way to bypass FRP lock on your Android device. The good news is; we’ve got a bypass solution.

In this information-packed article, we will dive into the FRP lock issue, what it is, and how to FRP bypass on your Android device.

Let’s dive into this.

What is Google FRP Lock?

The Google Factory Reset Protection is a security feature embedded on all Android devices with Android Lollipop OS Version 5.0 and above. The FRP lock protects your device from being accessed by unauthorized persons who may have stolen and reset your phone. Many people are unfamiliar with the Factory reset protection since it doesn’t require you to activate it. The FRP is auto-activated when you register a google account and can only be deactivated when you remove the Google account from the device before doing a Factory Data Reset in the settings menu.

FRP comes into play when your device is lost or stolen. The unauthorized user may reset the device to the factory setting, but before accessing it, the google verification details registered in the phone must be keyed in. This renders the smartphone unusable, thus discouraging theft.

You may have forgotten your Google username and password or bought a second-hand phone which requires the verification details to unlock. How can you remove the Google FRP?

How to bypass Google FRP

You can use various methods to remove FRP lock from your Android phone, but it’s critical to note that some may not work on your device, depending on developer options. Just like I promised, I will provide an easy and fast way out of your issue. The other methods may require a bit of technical knowledge and consume more time, but the two methods discussed in this article will be fast and easy.

The two ways to bypass Google FRP are:

  • Recovering your google account
  • Bypassing FRP with PC software

Google Account Recovery

This simple method does not bypass Google account verification. Instead, it enables you to find your Google account verification details which you will use to access your Android phone after a factory reset. To recover your google account use another device to access the Google support page  and follow the instructions on the page. If you had set an alternate email address, you could use that to get your details sent on that email. You may also use other identifiers like the phone number linked to the account or the name registered on the account.

You can also set a new recovery email address or phone number. Once the verification code is sent, you use it to set up a new password. Once you have the Google account verification details, use them to finish the set-up process required after resetting your phone.

Log in, and voila! You have full access to your phone again without the need to bypass the FRP lock.

But what if this doesn’t work?

What’s your next reliable option to bypass Google verification? That’s where the iSumsoft Android Password Refixer comes into play.

What is iSumsoft Android Password Refixer?

iSumsoft Android Password Refixer  is a safe, easy-to-use, and powerful software that removes all types of screen locks and FRP locks on Android devices. The software works on all Android OS versions inclusive of the latest Android 11 and resets locked phone details like forgotten passwords, patterns, PIN, fingerprint, etc., in your Android device. The iSumsoft Android Password Refixer removes Samsung FRP lock easily.

How to easily Bypass Samsung FRP

You now have your PC and Samsung Galaxy mobile phone ready to remove the FRP lock and regain access. Follow these basic steps and have your access back in minutes!

  1. Install the iSumsoft Android Password Refixer

To download this powerful bypass tool, use the iSumsoft official website , then install the downloaded file on your Windows PC.

  1. Connect your Samsung galaxy phone

Use a USB cable depending on the phone type to connect it with your PC.

  1. Install drivers

To enable the iSumsoft Android Password Refixer program to recognize your Samsung Galaxy phone, you need to install dedicated drivers. Don’t worry! These drivers are in-built on the program, and your work is to install them. Easy, right?

Installing the drivers is for first-time users only. Once you install them, you won’t need to install them again. Once you open the program, click on the Install icon, follow the following simple guides, and quickly install.

  1. Select Unlock Google Lock (FRP)

You still recall what FRP is, right? It’s a Google lock security feature. On the open bypass tool program, click on the icon Unlock Google (FRP) .

  1. Click Start on the next page.

Before clicking on the Start  icon, you should note that the unlocking process will erase all your data and auto-upgrade your device to the latest version. You should connect the device to your PC the whole time for the process to be completed successfully.

  1. Input Device Information

To proceed with the FRP bypass process, you need to confirm your device information by typing in the device information on the spaces provided. You can find your mobile device information at the back of your phone or click the Tip icon to find more information on checking device information.

  1. Download your device firmware package

Disclaimer: Ensure you have a stable internet connection and enough space in your computer.

After filling in the details, click the Download icon and proceed.

  1. Click Start to remove the FRP lock.

Your device needs to be in download mode before starting the Samsung FRP bypass process. Follow the steps provided on the page to put the device into download mode and then click Start.

This will automatically start the FRP process, and within a few minutes, your phone should be as good as new.

Once the Remove Google Lock Successfully appears, iSumsoft will have unlocked your phone!

Why use iSumsoft Android Password Refixer?

Bypassing FRP lock can be hectic and time-draining; having a reliable bypass tool can save your day. iSumsoft Android Password Refixer gives you the best way to remove FRP without having software knowledge.

We highly recommend iSumsoft Android Password Refixer because it:

  • Saves time
  • Easy to use
  • Simple installation requirements
  • Safe to use: No malware or virus
  • You can also use it to remove the lock screen

Final Verdict on FRP bypass

If you forget or buy a used Android smartphone and get locked out due to a lack of google verification details, you can rely on iSumsoft Android Password Refixer  to gain access to your phone. This bypass tool comes in handy whether you are a computer/software guru or not. Having reliable tools to troubleshoot your devices when the need arises is critical.

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