Easily Create Slideshows With the Photos App on an iPhone or iPad

Browsing photos and videos from a recent trip or event is more fun when you view them as a slideshow. If you’re already swiping through them on the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad, you don’t have to go far to create a slideshow.

Here’s how you can switch from boringly swiping through your album to enjoying a customized slideshow from your iPad or iPhone using the Photos app.

How to Create and Play Slideshows in the Photos App

You can make your own slideshow to view a collection of photos and videos that you’ve selected from your library. The Photos app quickly generates a slideshow with preset music and theme; you can always customize it later. To begin:

  1. Open Photos and tap Library . View content as All Photos or Days .
  2. Tap Select , then choose the photos and videos you want to add to your slideshow.
  3. Select the Share (the box with an up arrow) button, then select Slideshow .
  4. Your slideshow will begin playing. If you want to customize it further, tap anywhere on the screen to access the menu, then select Options .
  5. Customize your slideshow by changing the theme, music, or speed, and choosing whether you want your slideshow to repeat automatically. You can even select your preferred music from Apple Music.
  6. Once finished, hit Done .
  7. You can now view your updated slideshow. To exit slideshow mode, hit Done again.

Turn an Entire Album Into a Slideshow

You can also view your albums as slideshows. To view the entire album as a slideshow:

  1. Head to Photos , then tap Albums .
  2. Select the album you want to view, tap the More (…) button, then select Slideshow .
  3. Play it as is or customize the theme, music, speed, and more based on your preference.

If you don’t want to include all the content of your album into the slideshow, just go to the Album , tap Select , choose the content you want to add, then repeat the instructions listed above.

Note that you cannot save or export slideshows from your iPhone. However, you can create and export slideshow projects from the Photos app on a Mac.

Say Goodbye to Mindless Swiping

With the Slideshow feature, you can view all your favorite photos and videos hands-free. You can even enjoy them more, as the background music and transitions really help to bring them to life. This means you can say goodbye to mindlessly swiping through your photos instead.

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