Easily format USB flash drive on Ubuntu 18.04 using USB Stick Formatter

If you are looking for a simple and direct way to format a USB flash drive in Ubuntu or Debian (similar to the method available in Microsoft Windows), you can use the USB Stick Formatter utility.

USB Stick Formatter is Mint sticks Linux Mint provides this package by default since Linux Mint 16, and it can be easily installed in Ubuntu 18.04. It can be formatted as:

  • Extension 4
  • NTFS
  • FAT32

USB Stick Formatter also supports exFAT, but because the file format is incorrect, there is no option to format to exFAT in the application file system type drop-down menu. insect This issue has been resolved, but has not yet been merged. This should be fixed in the next mintStick version.
mintStick also includes USB Image Writer, a utility that can create a bootable USB memory stick from ISO or IMG files.
Using the USB stick formatter is very simple, without having to uninstall the stick, wipe the partition table, and then create a new stick, then format it and so on. To use this tool to format a USB memory stick, select the USB drive (the tool only displays the USB drive, so the hard drive will not be accidentally formatted), select the file system type, and enter the volume label (the name of the flash drive) to appear in the file manager Medium), then click Format Related buttons: bootiso: easily boot the ISO to a bootable USB drive from the command line. This tool can format the USB drive as vfat, exfat, ntfs, ext2, ext3, ext4 or f2fs.

Download mintStick

mintStick can be installed and used on any Linux distribution. I used Ubuntu 18.04 in the title because the Linux Mint mintStick DEB package can be used in Ubuntu 18.04 (any version, including Xubuntu / Xfce, Ubuntu MATE, etc.) without installing external dependencies (xapps Is required for MintStick) and may not be available in the repository of the Linux distribution you are using.
On older Ubuntu versions, you need to manually install the xapps dependency (you can use gir1.2-xapp-1.0, xapps-common with libxapp1 The package comes from Here -Make sure to download the same version for all three versions), because that version is not available in the repository.
Download mintStick:

  • Ubuntu 18.04: Download the latest mintStick DEB from the following location Here (Get the latest version at the bottom). For older Ubuntu versions, you will need xapps dependencies-see note above).
  • Linux Mint: By default, MintStick is available in Linux Mint. To use it, search for USB Stick Formatter in the menu.
  • Arch Linux: mintStick can be used AUR.
  • Other Linux distributions: download mintStick Resources (You also need xapps).