eDEX-UI: Full-featured sci-fi computer interface inspired by TRON tradition

eDEX-UI It is an application similar to the Sci-Fi computer interface, which creates the illusion of a desktop environment without Windows. It was inspired by DEX-UI Projects (not updated since early 2015) and TRON Legacy movie effects. The application uses Electron and runs on Linux, Windows and macOS.
eDEX-UI runs a real terminal and displays real-time system information such as CPU and memory usage, temperature, main processes, public IP addresses, and real-time network traffic graphs on a futuristic desktop interface like a movie. Contains a file browser that is synchronized with the embedded terminal: navigating to any folder in the embedded file browser will cause the terminal to navigate to that folder and vice versa.

The on-screen keyboard is also included in its GUI because eDEX-UI is designed to be used with touch screens, although multi-touch Do not current job. The application will run normally without any problems-when using a physical keyboard, pressing the key will light up the virtual keyboard.
This is the eDEX-UI using the “blade” theme, stop Run in its terminal:Interface similar to eDEX UI tron

As you can see from the screenshot, eDEX-UI uses a lot of CPU (htop shows the CPU usage of each core, although this is not the total CPU usage), but its purpose is not to do actual work or monitoring system. Its purpose is … to make you look like “crazy villain” 😁 use it to impress your friends, customize it and r / unixpornand many more. If you need a system information desktop widget, you can use a much lighter tool, such as Conkey.
eDEX-UI supports various customizations. You can change the shell (default is Bash on Linux and Mac, and powershell.exe on Windows), keyboard layout, or run in window mode. Themes are also supported. The app comes with 8 themes, but you can also create your own.
Visit project GitHub Wiki Page about custom information. On Linux, you can find the eDEX-UI configuration file at the following location: ~/.config/eDEX-UI. Update. eDEX UI 1.1.0 has been released (followed by 1.1.1), which includes some important changes such as:

  • Terminal label function
  • The terminal resizes when adjusting the window size
  • Add monitor setting options
  • Support shell parameters
  • Added BÉPO keyboard layout and several diacritic support
  • Add de-DE keyboard layout
  • Add quotation marks around the file name when writing the file name to TTY
  • Add tron-notype theme without on-screen keyboard

The full list of changes is at GitHub.

Download eDEX-UI

You can find Linux AppImage, macOS DMG and Windows EXE binaries on its download page (and source code).
To use eDEX-UI AppImage on Linux, set it as an executable file (right-click it, select Properties, and enable programmatic execution of the file), and then simply double-click the .AppImage file to run it.
You can exit eDEX-UI by typing “exit” in the terminal embedded in its interface or pressing. Alt + F4.