Embed Pinterest Pins in OneNote or Word for web

Keep track of your Pinterest Pins for ideas, hobbies or visual references have never been easier. Since February 2021, You can embed now Pinterest Pins in OneNote notebooks or online Word Documents. Here is how.

Pinterest in OneNote and Word Availability

Perhaps you have a notebook full of design ideas, recipes, or craft projects, or perhaps you have a document that would fit perfectly to reference an image. You can now embed these pins Pinterest select quickly and easily in OneNote and Word Versions.

Here is a list of the compatible versions:

  • OneNote for Windows 10
  • OneNote on Mac
  • OneNote 2016
  • OneNote on Android
  • OneNote on the iPad
  • OneNote online
  • Word on-line

Embedding a Pinterest Pin in OneNote or Word

While surfing Pinterest and see a pin you want to save in OneNote, or Word, copy the URL from the address bar of your web browser. You can do this easily by selecting the link, right-clicking and selecting “Copy” from the context menu.

Find the job in OneNote or your online Word Document in which you want to insert the link. Right click and choose Paste from the menu.

Right click to paste the Pinterest Url

Once you paste that Pinterest link in OneNote or Word, it instantly turns into a content box with a thumbnail from the Pinterest Pen.

Embedded Pinterest Pin in OneNote for Windows 10

If you click on the pin, you will be taken directly to it on the Pinterest Website in your default browser.

Move, scale, or remove the Pinterest Pen

As soon as you see that Pinterest Pin thumbnail in OneNote, or Word, you can move, resize, or even remove it.

To move the pin, click once to select the content box. Place your cursor on the dots at the top of the box. When your cursor changes to a four-sided arrow, drag the pen to place it where you want on the page.

Select and drag to move the pin

To resize the pin, select the container and you will see two arrows in the top right corner of the box. Drag the arrows right or left to change the size of the pin.

Click the arrows to resize the pin

To remove the pin, right-click on its container and select “Delete” from the context menu. You can also use the applications menu, the keyboard shortcut, or the Delete key.

Right click to delete the pin from the page

And that’s it! Very easy. Insert as many Pinterest Then embed videos, photos, or documents on the left, however you want, and you’ll create a handy OneNote notebook in no time.

Embed web video, music, documents, and more in OneNote

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