Enable File Browser in Ubuntu 20.04’s default Gedit text editor

Do you regularly edit files with Ubuntu ‘s default text editor? Even if you don’t search for documents in a file (Nautilus File Browser), gedit has a built-in file browser mode that makes your work easier.

This is a beginner’s guide and shows how to enable this built-in file browser mode in the Gedit text editor.

1. First, open a text editor from the system application menu or by clicking to open the document file.

2. When the editor opens, the menu ([保存]Icon after the button)->[表示]Go to and enable the side panel. Alternatively, you can press F9 on your keyboard to turn the “side panel” on and off.

3. After enabling the Side Panel, click the Document button in the window header and select File Browser.

4. That’s it. The file tree is now created in the left panel of the text editor window, giving you easy access to user files / folders, bookmarks, and the complete file system.

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