Epic Games announces opening of new game store

Epic game Today announced the release of the Epic Games Store. The new store is coming soon, and initially only supports Windows and Mac.
It is planned to support Android and “other open platforms” in 2019. It is hoped that the Linux they mentioned will be included in “other open platforms”, but there is no conclusion yet.
The announcement mentions that all developers will receive 88% of revenue, while Epic only receives 12%. In addition, for games using Unreal Engine, Epic bears a 5% license fee for engine sales.
What ’s interesting is how Valve will respond. If you consider games with revenues under $ 10 million, they will spend 30% (they changed The revenue share has recently changed, and now revenues of more than US $ 10 million account for 25% of revenue, and revenues with sales of more than US $ 50 million account for 20% of revenue).
The new game store will also include a membership plan for content creators-Twitch Live Streamers, YouTuber and bloggers, which will choose to join and have a configurable revenue share.
For more detailed information, see “Game Awards” on December 6. For more information, please visit Unreal Engine Blog. (Via Phoenix)