Evernote Tasks vs Todoist: Which Task Manager Is Better

After years of delay Evernote has finally announced Evernote To-Do’s for the popular note-taking platform. Immediately after starting Evernote Tasks, users compare it directly with the popular to-do app Todoist. If you’re wondering if Evernote Tasks is good enough to replace Todoist, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s compare both tools and find any differences between the two.

The comparison below includes cross-platform availability, user interface, features, price, release, and more. We use the Evernote and Todoist iOS apps, and you can expect the same functionality on other platforms.

Let’s begin.

Cross-platform availability

This one is head to head. Both Evernote and Todoist are available on all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and the web. Todoist and Evernote are also available as Gmail and. available Outlook Add-ons.

User interface and performance

Evernote recently received a huge redesign across all of its apps on mobile devices and desktops. It carries all the relevant options below for easy navigation.

The Evernote app retains the classic appearance of the app on all platforms. One area that Evernote lacks is in customization.

The app’s startup / load time felt slow compared to Todoist. While Evernote has a dark theme, it lacks advanced customization options like changing app icons and a dedicated design engine like Todoist.

Speaking of Todoist, it’s a pleasure to use. We appreciate the customization options. The user interface is fluid and the app feels better overall compared to Evernote.

Todoist ui

Todoist customization

Add a task

At first glance, Evernote and Todoist both offer an identical user interface for adding a task. But if you dig deeper, you will find all the differences in execution. Let’s start with Todoist.

Hit the + icon and Todoist will open a small pop-up just above the keyboard to add tasks. You can add task names and dates, add tags, comments, reminders and even set priorities. It’s all there and working as expected.

Add a Todoist task

Todoist tasks

Todoist has it all when it comes to smart tasks. To the example, you can add tasks like “Pastries to Saturday Brunch”. The app turns the sentence into a task.

Other example is “Take medication at 8:00 PM” and Todoist is adding a task.

With Evernote, you can attach tasks to a specific note. And that’s a brilliant idea. The core strength of Evernote is in the note taking function. Fortunately, the task feature is tightly integrated with Evernote Notes.

Add an Evernote task

Evernote tasks

As soon as you try to add a task in Evernote, the software will prompt you to select a relevant note with it. Evernote appends to-do items with the default “To Do” note when you add basic to-do items. When adding a task, you can choose a due date, add reminders, and even prioritize the task.


Todoist is a dedicated task management app that has been in development for years. Evernote is a new kid around the corner, however, and it will take at least a year for the app to catch up with Todoist.

Todoist has multiple features like creating projects (lists), a productivity area to see your continuity, a goal function, and even a handy vacation mode.

Todoist productivity

Todoist Siri integration

After a few months of use, you can see all the statistics from the same section.

Todoist also supports Siri Shortcuts and iOS 14 widgets. However, the lack of that same support in Evernote surprised us.

Evernote is primarily a note taking app. The task function is simple and should be enough for an average user.


Evernote Tasks is free for now. However, we expect the company to bundle it with Evernote Premium once it goes out of business beta. Evernote Premium is $ 70 a year and unlocks unlimited notes, advanced note-editing features, Evernote Home, and more.

Todoist is also a freemium product. You can pay $ 3 a month and unlock all customization features and other extras.

Manage tasks like a pro

Be prepared to be disappointed if you want to replace your current Todoist setup with Evernote Tasks. There is still a long way to go. However, one area where Evernote Tasks can be helpful is in note-taking.

Whenever you’re planning a trip or writing a lengthy blog post in Evernote, you can add tasks to notes and keep track of every detail. However, if you’re a power user, stick with your current task management system for now.

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