Experience Spatial Audio in now Netflix on iPhone and iPad

Netflix adds a nifty feature for iPhone and iPad users. Assuming you have the headphones that can actually use this, you can hear spatial audio through. enjoy Netflix on your mobile device.

How to enable spatial audio for AirPods on iPhone or iPad

Netflix Brings spatial audio to iPhone and iPad

To use the spatial audio input, Netflix, you need a few AirPods Pro or AirPods Max Headphones as they are the only ones currently supporting the feature. You also need to make sure that spatial audio is enabled through your iPhone or iPad’s settings.

the Netflix update was first made by a. discovered Reddit users and was later confirmed by iGeneration. Netflix says the feature is slowly rolling out so you may not have it yet. Make sure you get your. To update Netflix app to see if it supports spatial audio. If not, all you need to do is be patient.

What is spatial audio and how does it work?

What does Spatial Audio do on iPhone and iPad?

Spatial audio on Apple devices is quite a journey that you have to go through to really get it. It creates a surround sound experience where the sound actually flows from the right place even if you turn your head.

That means you are shooting the best movies Netflix has to offer, immerse yourself completely in a cinema-like experience (spatial sound is especially cool for action films).

Corresponding Apple, “Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking provides a theater-like sound that surrounds you from the movie or video you’re watching, making it seem like the sound is coming from everyone around you. The sound field remains assigned to the device and the voice remains with the actor or the action on the screen. “

Experience this sound level through Netflixwhich has all kinds of TV shows and movies to watch is really exciting and yet another reason to get yourself a pair of AirPods Pro or AirPods Max headphones.

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