Facebook pokes Apple’s App Store guidelines by introducing new subscription links for creators

Apple’s App Store guidelines exist for a reason. Whether or not this reason is justified, at least under certain circumstances, remains a hot topic these days. Epic Games, for example, does not approve of many aspects of these rules. and Facebook has stated that he’s not a fan of some of the things Apple has implemented for its digital storefront, either. And now the social network now ruled by Meta is here to give the bear a little nudge.

Today, Facebook, the social network just announced some changes to the built-in Subscriptions feature. Facebook says it will implement these changes to bring in even more money to YouTubers. Subscriptions work in a similar way to, for example, Patreon. It enables YouTubers to allow their fans to regularly pay them direct for content.

So what’s the change? Go forward, Facebook will enable these creators to insert a “promotional link” on their pages in social networks. This is done in the Facebook App for iOS, which means that these fans can select this advertising link to subscribe to these YouTubers directly. And the potentially problematic part is the fact that this will bypass Apple’s in-app payment option.

Zuckerberg actually announced this move Facebook, via a post on the network, followed by comments that explain further details. Here is the first to specifically point out Apple and the company’s 30% tax:

In developing the metaverse, we focus on providing YouTubers with opportunities to make money from their work. The 30% fees Apple charges for transactions make this difficult. So we’re updating our subscription product so creators can now earn more. More details in the comments below.

And here is Zuck’s first comment that the creators keep all their money – except taxes.

# 1: We’re introducing a promotional link for YouTubers for their subscription offer. When people subscribe through this link, the creators keep all their money (minus taxes).

That is worth mentioning Facebook will offer this promotional link along with Apple’s in-app purchase options. Unlike Epic Games, Facebook won’t remove Apple’s option entirely. Why Facebook believes to be right here. Specifically, said a spokesman The edge that this alternative option “was always allowed on iOS”. And because of that, they don’t think it’s against the rules now.

Per a follow up blog post about the new change in subscriptions:

We shared that earlier this year as part of our commitment to helping YouTubers Facebook would not charge any fees from creators for purchasing subscriptions until 2023 at the earliest. However, creators still lose 15-30% of their revenue to companies like Apple when people have subscriptions within the Facebook App on mobile devices. With recurring payments like subscriptions, this adds up quickly as this fee is paid every month.

Starting today, we’re offering YouTubers the ability to direct users to a website to use their subscription purchase. complete Facebook Counting. When users purchase subscriptions from this website on the web or mobile devices, the creators can keep 100% of their earned money without taxes. Creators can find their personalized advertising link in Creator Studio, which they can share with their audience, also via email or SMS.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next.

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