Fast Linux application launcher Ulauncher 5.3.0 released

Ulanche, Fast Application Launcher for Linux, has been updated to version 5.3.0. This is the first stable version of Ulauncher that supports Python 3, and Python 2 has been completely removed.
In addition to the migration to Python 3, Ulauncher 5.3.0 contains only bug fixes and some minor changes:

  • Change the version schema. Now available in stable and beta versions
  • .db files are now stored in ~ / .local / share / ulauncher
  • Fixed the following error: If the user previously selected the same item using the same query, the result items belonging to the extension are not automatically selected
  • Addressed issue where skipping result items when navigating through the arrow keys
  • Fixed a bug where the shell command’s parameter gets% s instead of the actual parameter
  • Wrong window placement may be resolved in some desktop environments

Ulauncher is an open source application launcher for Linux that can be extended to perform various other tasks through plugins. The application has features of fuzzy search, custom color theme, and can browse the system catalog. In the background, Ulauncher uses Python with GTK as the launcher user interface and HTML / JS rendered in the Webkit framework as the preference window.
Open it with keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + Space (By default) and enter a few letters of the search query using Up / Down Arrow to browse results, then press Enter The key starts the selected item. When pressed, the Ulauncher window will close. Enter. You can also use Alt + 1 For the first item in the Ulauncher list, Alt + 2 The second, and so on. Don’t worry if you have typos-with Ulauncher’s fuzzy search, the app will figure out what you mean in most cases. In addition, the launcher remembers your previous choices and will automatically select them later.
It’s worth noting that the application only looks in the application’s .desktop file name field when looking for the application. Is it possible to use keywords and comments in the search, but still on the to-do list. Looking for an alternative to Ulauncher using Qt and being able to find keyword and comment fields in desktop files? You will need to look at Albert.

About 70 extension name Can be used with v2 API (Ulancher v5), can meet various purposes, such as:

  • Search and start VirtualBox computer
  • Translate directly via Google Translate in Ulauncher
  • Convert between various units
  • Control system (hang, hibernate, restart, etc.)
  • Manage Docker containers
  • Easily launch other Chrome profiles
  • Clipboard manager integrated with GPaste, CopyQ and Clipster
  • Extensions that integrate passes (password storage) with Ulauncher
  • File search
  • Search on DevDocs
  • Currency conversion
  • Control Spotify desktop app from Ulauncher
  • Process killer
  • Search and insert emoji

For example, here is a screenshot of the settings of the Spotify Ulauncher extension and use Ulauncher to control Spotify:Ulauncher SpotifyUlauncher Spotify

Download Ulauncher

There are official Ulauncher binaries for Fedora and Debian / Ubuntu and Ubuntu-based Linux distributions, including Linux Mint, Pop! _OS, etc. There are also third parties Arch Linux packages on AUR.
Want to install the Ulauncher extension? Go to it Expand website (If you are using Ulauncher 5, make sure to select the extension API version V2 near the top of the page, otherwise the extension will not be available), click the extension you want to install, and then copy the screenshot of the repository link shown on its right. Next, open Ulauncher preferences and go to Extensions Label, click Add extension, Paste the extension repository URL and click Add.
To learn more about Ulauncher themes, View this page (Themes page contains instructions on how to install themes), but note that there are not too many themes on this page.