Filmulator is a simple, open source original image editor for Linux desktop

Introduction: Filmulator is an open source original photo editing application whose library management focuses on simplicity, ease of use and simplified workflow.

Filmulator: Raw Image Editor for Linux (and Windows)

There are many original photo editors for Linux. Producer Is one of them. The goal of Filmulator is to provide only the basic elements so that the original image editing becomes simple. It also adds library processing capabilities, which is a plus if you are looking for a good application for camera images.

For those who don’t know, Original image file Is the least processed uncompressed file. In other words, it is an uncompressed digital file with no compression and minimal processing performed on it. Professional photographers prefer to capture photos in original files and process them by themselves. Ordinary people take photos from smartphones, usually compressed or filtered in JPEG format.

Let us see what features you get in the Filmulator editor.

Characteristics of filmmakers

Movie production man-machine interface

The filmmaker claims that it is not a typical “film effect filter” that only replicates the external features of the film. Instead, Filmulator enters the root of the film’s appeal: the development process.

It simulates the film development process: from the “exposure” of the film to the growth of “silver crystals” in each pixel, and then to the diffusion of “developer” between adjacent pixels and a large amount of developer in the tank.

Fimulator developers say that simulation brings the following benefits:

  • Larger bright areas are darkened, thereby compressing the output dynamic range.
  • Bright small areas will make the surrounding environment darker, thereby enhancing local contrast.
  • In bright areas, saturation is enhanced, helping to preserve the blue sky, bright skin tones and sunset colors.
  • In extremely saturated areas, the brightness will be reduced, helping to preserve details, such as those in flowers.

This is a comparison of the original image processed by Filmulator, which has enhanced colors in a natural way without causing color clipping.

Image without film makerThe image of the filmmaker

Install Filmulator on Ubuntu/Linux

Filmulator has an AppImage, so you can easily use it on Linux. Using AppImage files is very simple. You download it, make it executable and double-click to make it run.

Download Filmulator for Linux

Windows users can also use the Windows version.Besides, you can go to Its GitHub repository And view its source code.

Have a Small file Help you start using Fimulator.

in conclusion

The design idea of ​​Fimulator is to have the best tool for any job, and there is only one tool. This means sacrificing flexibility, but getting a greatly simplified and simplified user interface.

I am not even an amateur photographer, I am more of a professional photographer alone. I don’t have a digital SLR camera or other high-end photographic equipment. Therefore, I cannot test and share my experience of the usefulness of Filmulator.

If you have more experience in processing raw images, I let you try Filmulator and share your opinion. There is an AppImage available, so you can quickly test it and see if it meets your needs.