Firefox 76 has been released with support for audio worklets

Mozilla Firefox 76 was released today with improved online account protection and zoom support.

Firefox 76 includes lock-wise protection of passwords stored on the Login and Password page, display of weak password alerts and website violation alerts, automatic generation of secure and complex passwords for more sites. Equipped with password manager enhancements.

Other changes are:

  • Picture-in-picture: Double-click to display in full screen and reduce the video size again.
  • Audio Worklet Support: Allow audio processing such as VR and games and join zoom calls without additional download
  • WebRender is now available by default on the latest Intel laptops with a small screen for Windows.
  • And various security fixes. to see Release notes For many.

Download / Install Firefox 76 on Ubuntu.

If you are upgrading a pre-installed Firefox package, the v76 package will be available in all current Ubuntu releases in a few days. At that point, upgrade Firefox via Software Updater (Update Manager).

Firefox 76 has been released with support for audio worklets

Also, Firefox snap and flat pack packages that run in the sandbox have been updated since Ubuntu 18.04.