Firefox 78 released with “Reset to defaults” option

Mozilla Firefox 78 was released a few days ago and has several new features and improvements.

Firefox 78 Added “Update Firefox” button to the uninstaller. about:support This page allows you to reset Firefox to its default state while saving important information such as bookmarks, passwords and cookies.

Other changes in the release are:

  • The Protection Dashboard contains reports on protection tracking, data breaches, and password management.
  • Screen saver no longer interrupts WebRTC calls in Firefox
  • Firefox 78 is also an Extended Support Release (ESR) feature.
    • Kiosk mode
    • Client certificate
    • Service Worker and Push API enabled
    • Block autoplay is enabled
    • Picture-in-picture support
    • View and manage web certificates in about: certificate
  • Improved Pocket recommendations and security fixes.

How to install Firefox 78 on Ubuntu :

Firefox 78 will be included in the official Ubuntu Security/Update repositories for Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 19.10, and Ubuntu 20.04 in a few days!

At that point, you can upgrade Firefox through the Software Updater (Update Manager) utility.

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