Firefox 83 has been released with JavaScript engine update, HTTPS only mode

Mozilla Firefox 83.0 was released a day ago, with a major update to the JavaScript engine SpiderMonkey. Page load performance has been improved by up to 15%, page responsiveness has been improved by up to 12%, and memory usage has been reduced by up to 8%.

Firefox 83.0 Release highlights:

  • HTTPS only mode.
  • Pinch zoom support for touchpads on Windows touchscreen devices and Mac devices.
  • Picture-in-picture supports keyboard shortcuts for fast-forwarding and rewinding video
  • Improved user interface for screen sharing.
  • Improved search function.
  • Supports AcroForm to allow you to fill, print and save supported PDF forms.
  • Pocket recommendations for English users in India.
  • Various accessibility and security fixes

How to install Firefox 83 on Ubuntu:

The new release package is now the security and update repository for Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, and Ubuntu 20.10.

Simply open the Software Updater utility, check for updates, and then install the package update.

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