Fix Internet Problems with a Command in CMD

Of the many uses that we make today with the computer, one of the most common is an Internet browser. For this we make use of our connection which gives us the possibility to play online, open websites, watch streaming movies, etc. But sometimes we find certain problems with the Internet , specifically with the connection in Windows.

This can be translated into a serious inconvenience, since we use this connection almost constantly. What we are talking about here is that on some occasions we can find that we have obtained errors with the DNS when trying to navigate the web.

Open CMD in Windows to fix Internet crash

However, at the same time we see that another computer on the same local network works fine in this regard. Therefore, to solve this problem with the Internet, what we must do is probably clear the DNS cache of the computer to solve it.

It is worth mentioning that this may also be necessary after changing the DNS server. And this ensures that the PC asks the DNS server for the IP address of a website instead of simply using its addresses from the cache.

For this we are going to make use of the CMD or command prompt window. In order to access CMD , we search for it in the search box and run with administrator permissions so that everything works as expected.

Clear DNS cache to troubleshoot Internet problems

Then, when we are located in the command prompt window, we type the following command and press Enter:

ipconfig /flushdns

Say that this is a command that works in all versions of Windows starting with XP; and running it should fix any problem we have with the connection. However, some applications may have their own DNS cache that we must clear if the problem continues. For example, Firefox has its own internal DNS cache. Here it will probably be necessary to restart the program, or even delete the browser configuration if we see errors in it.

Restart the DNS service in old versions of Windows

On the other hand, in older versions of Windows we can also try to restart the DNS Client service. This manages the DNS cache, something that we cannot carry out in Windows 10, since it only returns an error. However, we can do it in Windows 7 or earlier versions of the operating system .

This is something that we also achieve from the command prompt window with administrator permissions. But in this case we will use two commands that we show you below:

net stop dnscache net start dnscache

With this, as we told you, what we achieve is to restart the DNS client service in older versions of Windows. As we can see, in a few seconds we can solve many problems that we find with the Internet on the PC.

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