Fix S-Pen Connection Problems with Your Galaxy Note

As Samsung Galaxy Note models become more advanced, more problems arise with the S Pen, the special stylus built into Galaxy Note devices and now also compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. This accessory has also evolved over time and, with everything, the more you can do, the more you can go wrong.

The S Pen is still a fragile electronic product that can be prone to failure. Faulty cases or unofficial third-party screen protectors can affect the performance of the stylus, but settings can also be the culprit. The passage of time and wear on the tip of the stylus can also be to blame for the stylus not working properly, as can errors in the Samsung system.

How to fix bugs with the S-Pen?

Remove any mobile screen protector and case

Any magnetic force that may come from third-party cases can cause problems with the connection of your Galaxy Note and the stylus. On the other hand, screen protectors may have an uneven surface or thickness that can affect the sensitivity of the screen. In addition, a dirty / old screen protector is also one of the reasons that can prevent the proper functioning of the Samsung stylus .

Set up the mobile

The stylus can be disconnected from the phone for any reason. Access Settings -> click on Advanced Features -> select S-Pen -> S-Pen Remote Control and verify that it is turned on. <Also remember that the lower area of the screen of your Galaxy Note contains the navigation bar and it may not recognize hand or S Pen touches. If the S Pen is recognized everywhere except at the bottom of the screen:

  • Press the bottom of the screen slowly when using the stylus.
  • Allows multiple S-Pens to be used on your device. To do this, go to Settings -> Advanced features and then select S Pen. Flip the switch next to Allow multiple S Pens to turn this feature on or off.
  • Turn off “Lock gestures with S-Pen from Settings -> Display -> Navigation bar. Under Full screen gestures, tap the switch next to” Lock gestures with S pen “to turn it off.
  • Change the type of navigation from Settings -> Display -> Navigation bar. Select Navigation buttons and then try using the S Pen.

Check for updates

An update is designed to solve problems with the phone and in the case of the S-Pen, the case of the update to One UI 2.0 is famous, which, suddenly, prevented the use of the pen on the screen in a normal way, ceasing to work in some display regions.

Samsung soon released the new One UI 2.1 update in April 2020 that eliminated this bug so before trying to try any fixes to problems with the S-Pen, check if there is a pending update.

Safe Mode

Yes, sometimes all you need to do to find the culprit for your phone’s malfunction is to access safe mode. First turn off the device, then press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time to turn the device back on. If you do it correctly, you should see a “Safe Mode” text in the lower left corner of your screen.

Try to use the stylus in safe mode. If it works properly, then one of your apps is causing the problem. Uninstall any apps you have recently downloaded to fix the problem.

Try the S-Pen on another phone

It is true that the S-Pen is not compatible with all Samsung mobiles and it is rare that you have a pair of Samsung Galaxy Note at home to test the pen on one or the other. Fortunately, nothing prevents you from taking the S-Pen and going to a shopping center where you have some models of the Galaxy Note family exposed and testing whether it works or not.

If the Pen does not work terminal contours, you only have one thing left to do …

Change the tip of the S-Pen

If you discover any inconsistencies with the way you use the pencil, or worse still, the touches are not recognized, it may be time to change the tip. Usually every Galaxy Note phone purchase comes with a number of replacement tips as well, including the necessary tool to do so, and luckily the procedure is pretty straightforward.

Use the change tool to grasp and remove the tip of the S Pen like a tweezer, then take the replacement tip and insert it by hand. You will hear a slight click when the tip is fully inserted into the S-Pen.

Restore the mobile

If you have tried the S-Pen on another phone and it works, the phone is the problem, so you can also consider a factory reset that removes all the errors that the equipment dragged. However, before trying, make sure to make a backup of all the important information, since the factory reset means that you will return the phone to its original state, erasing all its contents.

To restore the phone, go to the Settings panel and, within the System menu, you will find the option to Factory data reset. Make sure you also delete all the data of the downloaded applications by selecting Delete all.

Why doesn’t it work well with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first “non-Note” phone to be compatible with the Samsung accessory, but you won’t even find it in the device box, as it is sold separately.

If you have noticed that you cannot do the same as in the Galaxy Note it is normal, since the functions of the pencil at the top of the range of the brand are more limited as its software is not optimized for its use. This is what you can do with the S-Pen:

  • Create notes
  • See all notes
  • Smart select
  • Screen writing
  • Animated messages
  • AR drawings
  • Translate
  • Bixby Vision
  • Enlarge
  • Quick View
  • Write on calendar
  • Color
  • Add shortcuts

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