Fix System Error When Turning on Windows: All Ways

Despite all that a PC based on a Windows 10 computer is capable of offering us, the operating system as such is not without problems. These can come to us in a multitude of ways, such as the impossibility of starting the PC, as is the case at hand. Thus, in the event that we find an error in the System file that does not allow Windows to start, let’s see how to solve it.

Keep in mind that this is an increasingly powerful and versatile operating system. It is suitable for all types of users, modes of use, and compatible with most equipment. Therefore, to achieve all this, those of Redmond do not stop working to make it possible, but of course, we are faced with an increasingly complex and faulty operating system. Hence, on certain occasions and for no apparent reason, Windows 10 itself begins to give incomprehensible errors, reaching the point of stopping working.

That’s when the problems really start for some, as this does not allow them to access the content of the equipment . This is precisely the case that we want to talk about in these same lines.

What is the System file and why is it so important

We say this because one of the most common errors that we find in this regard is that a reading error has occurred with the Windows System file . In this case, we have no other option but to recover it by some means. This will help us when it comes to recovering this important file and therefore access to the PC. It is worth mentioning that it is found in the following disk path:


First of all, what we should know is that the file that we refer to here is extremely important for several reasons. To give us an idea of what we are talking about, first of all we will tell you that all the default configuration of our equipment is saved here. This includes data such as user profiles , the boot.ini, the boot sequences, or the service configuration. In turn, the hardware profile of the computer is stored in it when the system starts, hence it cannot boot.

Therefore, as we told you, we are going to see the ways to recover this file in the event that it is the cause of the serious error in Windows 10 and it has been deleted or damaged. Of course, one of the great drawbacks that we will find here is that in many cases we do not have access to the system itself. By not starting the computer, we cannot access the internal functions of Windows for its recovery . But don’t worry, there are other equally effective ways to do this, as we will see below.

Recover System file from Windows 10 CD

Although this is an increasingly deprecated installation method, many users still have their original Windows installation CD or DVD. As you can imagine, this input support has all the files and folders necessary to get the system up and running. Therefore this can be an excellent proposal when recovering this file that we refer to here.

For this we would only have to start the computer as such from that CD or DVD, since it has everything necessary to repair or recover important files that were damaged. Once we start with that physical element, it is best to click on the Repair computer link that will appear on the screen.

On the next screen that appears, we go to the Troubleshoot option, from where we will have access to Startup Repair, a function that solves failures in Windows startup.

Also from this same section we can access a command prompt window to execute the chkdsk command. As you may already know, it is in charge of fixing the errors detected with the operating system files themselves, which is what interests us.

Fix the bug with System on Windows with a Live Linux

But of course, it may be the case that we do not have the original Windows CD or DVD at hand, therefore we can try to start the computer in another way. For this, for example, we can use a Live Linux distro, which will help us to brand the PC. This will allow us to access the disk drives of the same computer, so we can replace the damaged file, System , with another.

As you can imagine, we have to get this file, either from a Windows ISO, or from some other PC that is working without a problem. In this way we replace the damaged System of our disk drive, with another that works, and we restart Windows normally.

Recover a restore point to fix System crash

The Redmond operating system automatically saves its own restore points. Likewise, we can create these manually if we wish, which will be very helpful. We say this because in the event that we have a more or less serious failure with the operating system, we can use that restore point and return Windows to a state in which it worked well.

Therefore, this is a solution that suits us very well now. Of course, normally this is carried out from Windows itself, but since we do not have access to it, we will have to do it differently. To do this, we start in safe mode, usually by pressing the F5, F8 or Delete keys once we turn on the PC. Each team has its own access key, so in the window that appears we click on Repair the team again .

Then, after accessing the Troubleshoot option that we saw before, in this case we already opted for System Restore.

Here we can choose between the different restoration points that have been created over time to select the one that interests us at that time.

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