Fkill-interactively search for processes on Linux and kill them

killMeans, FAmazing To killIs a cross-platform command-line utility that interactively searches and kills multiple processes at once. Usually I use Top command Or “Ps -ef | grep Or “Pidov Find the process id and kill it with command “Kill-9 . I don’t know you, but this is what I was doing until I met this gem. The Fkill program can find running processes and kill one or more processes as needed. Written using Nodejs Supports Linux, Mac OS, Microsoft Windows.

Install Fkill

Skills AUR, Can be installed using the AUR helper. For example Hooray, Arch Linux and its variants.

$ yay -S fkill

On other Linux distributions, make sure Nodejs is installed as described in the link below.

  • How to install NodeJS on Linux

After installing Nodejs, execute the following command to install fkill.

$ npm install --global fkill-cli

Find and kill multiple processes interactively using Fkill on Linux

To find and kill processes, do the following:

$ fkill

This command launches an interactive UI where you can find a list of running processes and their port numbers. use Up and down arrows To select a process hit enter To kill it. You can also type the first few letters of the process name, select a process from the list, and press Enter to kill it.

Press to exit the interactive UI Ctrl + c.

If you already know the port number, for example 2236And then you can kill it directly using the command:

$ fkill 2236

You can kill multiple processes at once by specifying port numbers separated by spaces.

$ fkill 2237 2312

You can also kill ports. To kill a port (such as 3306), add a colon like the following to the prefix:

 $ fkill :3306

To get help, do the following:

$ fkill --help

  Fabulously kill processes. Cross-platform.

    $ fkill [ …]

    --force -f    Force kill
    --verbose -v  Show process arguments
    --silent -s   Silently kill and always exit with code 0

    $ fkill 1337
    $ fkill safari
    $ fkill :8080
    $ fkill 1337 safari :8080
    $ fkill

  To kill a port, prefix it with a colon. For example: :8080.

  Run without arguments to use the interactive interface.
  The process name is case insensitive.