Flathub now offers Total Chaos Doom II Mod

Total confusion,allowable GZDoom Source port, now available for easy installation of Linux from FlatHub.

Flathub is an application store and build service for Linux. It distributes applications in the form of Flatpak software packages so that they can run on almost all Linux distributions.
After nearly ten years of development, the Open World Survival Horror Model was officially released two weeks ago, and it includes 6 chapters, located on a remote island called Oasis Fort. Total Chaos mod introduces many new graphics features, including 3D models and high-resolution textures.Total Chaos Doom II mod

In “Total Chaos”, you will encounter new creatures in each chapter, each creature has its own unique attack mode. Although there are guns in the game, it is difficult to find ammunition, so to fight them, you will often have to rely on pickaxes, bushes and garden tools. Some of these items can be crafted and / or upgraded. The Flatpak package (1.5 GB in size) does not require you to have a copy of Doom 2, nor do you need to download and install anything else. This includes GZDoom (Source port of the Doom engine) and free (Free alternative compatible with Doom).
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Download total mess

To install packages from Flathub on the Linux desktop, follow Quick Setup.
Once Total Chaos is installed, start it from the application menu.
In addition, you can also Download page On Mod DB (archive contains launcher for Microsoft Windows).