FlexiHub review

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FlexiHub allows you to set up USB via a network connection so that you can link a remote computer with USB peripherals connected to the local computer. Basically, it allows you to access and manage USB drives from anywhere. FlexiHub supports all USB devices and does not require any device-specific drivers to redirect USB through the network.

Network USB This is a perfect solution for companies that want to be able to remotely manage the equipment comfortably and share the equipment with other users on the LAN or WAN. FlexiHub allows you to connect multiple devices to a distributed cloud of USB and serial ports.

FlexiHub versions are available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, and each version supports cross-platform connections.

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FlexiHub-your remote assistant

FlexiHub is a remote support solution that provides many benefits to its users. With FlexiHub, you can remotely access someone’s failed USB devices, serial devices and peripherals to provide remote assistance, detect faults, diagnose and solve problems that are far away from the customer’s peripherals. This will be cost-effective because the support specialist will not have to visit each customer’s house to solve the problem, but can solve the problem remotely. This will be very effective because the time required to solve each customer’s problem will also be greatly reduced.

By creating a FlexiHub account, you can manage all USB devices and serial devices from anywhere. Gone are the days when we had to carry cables for all devices and enjoy the era of wireless connections.

Network USB function and settings

The setup process is very simple, almost anyone can do the setup without much technical knowledge. After setting up a FlexiHub account, all peripheral devices connected to the computer will be displayed in the software interface within a few seconds. If you don’t want others to remotely access certain peripheral devices through the network, you can also “lock” these peripheral devices.

After the setting is completed, there is nothing more than enjoying the benefits of this software. You can sit in the park and use the printer at home to print anything you need.

FlexiHub has another interesting feature-you can invite other users to visit your local device. All you need to do is to find the peripheral device from the list, click the icon next to it, and enter the email address of the person you want to share the device with, and then click “Send Invitation”. After the person accepts your invitation, the peripheral device will immediately be redirected to his remote computer and be recognized by the computer as if it was physically connected to the PC.

FlexiHub also facilitates USB-to-IP connections between computers and personal devices running Windows, Linux, macOS and Android operating systems. FlexiHub can enhance device management remotely without missing transportation time.

FlexiHub provides secure data transmission: 256-bit SSL encryption makes using the application completely safe.

Another neat thing about FlexiHub is that using the “Keep connection alive” option, you don’t have to worry about interrupting your work or damaging your data if your Internet connection is lost. The shared USB device will remain connected to the remote computer and wait for the restored connection.

Another great advantage of using FlexiHub is that it supports a wide range of device connections via network-connected USB. The following is a list of supported but not limited devices: HID devices, Wi-Fi adapters, game controllers, printers, smart card readers, personal medical devices, communication devices (such as fax machines), webcams, audio/video devices, Bluetooth adapters, diagnostic equipment, hard drives, cameras, USB security dongle, etc. UBAdUN4mrcg4uibbMq2Yhsb1lFf3M V GyQgv83ZBhiy9FpaZKqH5iY4qoAoj c Tpdg9wDtaVkuSjqI0KaLYkMEO9g6twKPmOkom0 EFu1iYygSGH5 dcP

Access remote USB devices-work comfortably in the office or at home.

Thanks to flexible user management, FlexiHub enables commercial, non-profit, educational, medical and other organizations to remotely access its hardware. It can also be used in customer support to remotely test USB devices.

If FlexiHub still cannot establish a direct route for your data, it will automatically switch to server mode, encrypt the data, and let your nodes communicate through our secure cloud server. Either way, FlexiHub can get data where it is needed-no matter where the hardware is connected.

The most common use of FlexiHub is in hospitals, where many precision equipment are constantly moving. Several hospitals in the United States and Europe rely on FlexiHub for remote access to almost real-time patient data. The same is true for schools. Today, many companies prefer to share expensive equipment rather than purchase multiple items.

FlexiHub also has the FlexiChat module, which is a very fascinating interactive module for team members to communicate. You can also choose to post comments and emoji reactions. It also allows users to create tokens and send invitations to colleagues, thereby providing remote access to specific devices without sharing account credentials.

FlexiHub enables companies to use traffic compression technology to simplify the data transfer process between USB or serial port devices. It enables workers to establish and maintain connections remotely even when Internet access is interrupted, thereby preventing data loss and damage.

A very clever trick of FlexiHub is that it can detect which device is automatically connected, and can identify whether it is connected to your mobile phone, dongle or printer. It also uses special indicators for serial devices. Therefore, you can easily determine which device you need to connect to.

Finally, I would like to draw a conclusion that we are living in an era when technology is constantly evolving and the era of wireless connectivity is coming, and FlexiHub marks the beginning of this journey. It’s easy to install and use, wide application and support for many devices, and affordable price, making it an excellent solution to get all the right publicity. For anyone who wants to enter the era of wireless connectivity, I highly recommend FlexiHub.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.
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