Flowblade 2.8 released in middle bar with customizable panel layout

Flowblade, a multi-track non-linear video editor Linux, today released a new major 2.8 version with a focus on making apps more configurable.

For screen resolutions of 1680 x 1050 and above[表示]->[パネル配置]You can now change the panel layout by using the submenu to move the panel to a different position.

Middle bar[表示]->[ミドルバーレイアウト]->[フリーバー]Select and[表示]->[ミドルバーレイアウト]->[フリーバーの構成…]Now, you can customize it more by selecting the items to be displayed in the middle bar and their order.

Keyboard shortcuts can also be customized. First,[キーボードショートカット]Create a custom shortcut group from the menu button at the top left of the dialog. You can then select this group and change the shortcuts as needed.

Other changes in Flowblade 2.8 are as follows:

  • New Flowblade Neutral and Flowblade Gray themes.
  • Use the Tool Dock widget to select a timeline editing tool
  • Move the filter selection panel to the right side of the timeline
  • A set of icon colors used as an option in the middle bar
  • Relink MediaRelinker’s directory functionality
  • New new French user manual etc.

How to install Flowblade on Ubuntu:

The software provides an official DEB binary package that you can download from:

Download Flowblade

Get the DEB package and install it by running a command in Gdebi, software installation, or terminal.

                      sudo apt install ./Downloads/flowblade-*.deb

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