Foliate Linux eBook Reader 1.4.0 includes Wikipedia lookup, Google Translate support

Leaf shape Linux EPUB eBook reader version 1.4.0 has been released with a new sidebar to find words in Wikipedia and offline dictionaries, translate entire paragraphs with Google Translate, and more.

Foliate is a fairly novel free open source GTK e-book reader on Linux. The e-book reader is built using GJS and Epub.js, allowing users to view EPUB files in two-page view or scroll view, and adds a lot of useful features on it, including:

  • Reading progress slider with chapter markers
  • Bookmarks and notes
  • Customizable font and size, line spacing, margins, and brightness
  • Light, tan, dark and reverse modes, or add your own custom theme
  • Find in book
  • Keyboard shortcuts and touchpad gestures

Despite being a new product, Foliate was first released in May, but it is already an excellent EPUB e-book viewer that has integrated most of the features you need in an e-book viewer.
In addition to having important functions for the eBook viewer, the application has many secondary useful secondary functions such as viewing the eBook’s metadata, remembering where you left off, full screen mode, and more.[Update] In the newly released version 1.5.0, Foliate adds support for viewing .mobi, .azw and .azw3 files, basic text-to-speech support, and the option to export e-book comments as HTML, plain text or JSON. 1.4. 0 is recently released with interesting new features and other changes. Until now, the Linux e-book reader only supported finding words on Wiktionary-although in the new 1.4.0 version it also supports finding words on Wikipedia, commands and translating text using Google Translate.Foliage Wikipedia Word Lookup

Since many possible actions can now occur when selecting a word, a pop-up window is displayed from which you can select “Dictionary” (with a drop-down menu to select the dictionary), “Wikipedia” and “Translate”. You can also choose the default action to take when a word is selected.
Foliate 1.4.0 also includes a new alternate sidebar user interface with eBook chapters, bookmarks, and notes:

Foliate Linux eBook Reader 1.4.0 includes Wikipedia lookup, Google Translate support
New Foliate sidebar (for this screenshot, I’m using its built-in dark theme)

Other changes included in Foliate 1.4.0:

  • Can only be found in the current chapter
  • Experimental popup footnote support
  • Fixed CPU spikes when turned on
  • Fixed issue where highlights would not render in the correct position

What’s more, the minimum GJS version of this version has been reduced to version 1.52, so now Foliate can run on Ubuntu 18.04 without installing from Flathub. This version also provides DEB packages.

Download Foliate eBook Reader

You can install Foliate from Flathub, which is available on most Linux distributions. To install the Foliate package from Flathub on Linux, see Flatpak quick settings page And follow the instructions there, then visit Leaf Flathub Page Then click the install button. If you are a Gnome user, you can also search on Gnome Software / Ubuntu Software and install from there. On Linux Mint 19.x with Flathub enabled by default, you can search for Foliate directly in the software application and install it from there. Web page Instructions for installing Foliate on Arch Linux, Fedora, and Void Linux using distribution-specific packages are also included. For the latest Debian, Ubuntu (18.04+) and Linux Mint (19.x) versions, you can also download Install Foliate as a DEB package.