Foliate Linux GTK e-book reader 2.0 is released

Leaf shape There is an important new version of the Linux GTK e-book reader. The latest 2.0 version comes with a redesigned user interface that works better on smaller screens and other important changes, and has a new continuous scrolling layout, e-reader style navigation, new themes, and more.

Foliate is a free and open source GTK e-book reader for Linux, built with GJS and Epub.js. It supports .epub, .mobi, .azw and .azw3 files, which can be read in multiple layouts, including two pages and scroll views. Most importantly, the application has the following characteristics:

  • Customizable font and size, line spacing, margins, full alignment, automatic oblique, zoom and brightness
  • Reading progress slider with chapter markers
  • Bookmarks and notes
  • Use Wiktionary, Wikipedia and dictd to quickly look up dictionaries, or use Google Translate to translate text
  • 10 built-in themes, including light and dark, sepia, daylight and Gruvbox light and dark, as well as support for custom themes
  • Find in the book
  • Keyboard shortcuts and touchpad gestures
  • Basic text-to-speech support for eSpeak NG and Festival

In addition to these functions that are important to the e-book viewer, the application also has many secondary functions, many of which are useful, such as viewing the metadata of the e-book, remembering where you left off, full-screen mode, etc.

Leaf 2.0

The latest Foliate e-book reader 2.0 has undergone a lot of changes, especially its user interface.
For this version, the application interface has been redesigned to work better on smaller screens (including mobile phones).

Foliate 2.0 can run on any screen size (including its “Preferences” window); if the sidebar is disabled in its “Preferences”, it will be hidden and displayed as an overlay on mouse hover

In addition, before this version, this Linux ebook reader only supports “basic” full-screen mode-this is because you cannot access the title bar in this mode, but for Foliate 2.0, the title bar and progress bar can now be automatically hidden when hidden Hide the full-screen display, bringing an interference-free reading experience. When you disable the sidebar from the preferences of the sidebar (not only hide it from the title bar, this is not enough), the title bar is hidden by default, and it appears as a mouse even in non-full screen mode Overlay on hover; with instructions, if enabled Realistic Shadows Options.
Another interface-related change in this version is the addition of e-reader style navigation: click on the left or right side of the view to go to the previous or next page; click in the middle to switch the title bar and progress bar.

Foliate 2.0 Linux e-book reader using traditional title bar and menu bar

For users who like the traditional title bar and menu bar, Foliate 2.0 comes with a new experimental option. This option can be found in the application preferences, and Foliate needs to be restarted to use it. Depending on the desktop environment used, traditional manual menus may also be displayed automatically.

New location popup

More changes related to the interface in Foliate 2.0:

  • Various location information and clock can now be displayed in the footer
  • New location pop-up window ( Ctrl + L ), which displays the estimated reading time and allows jump to position
  • Notes, bookmarks and search results now show chapter titles
  • When looking up words in the dictionary, you can now edit the query
  • New shortcut to view metadata ( Ctrl + I ) And preferences ( Ctrl + , )

Foliate 2.0 also made some changes to e-book reading. Most importantly, the continuous scrolling layout ( Menu button -> Advanced -> Continuous ). According to epub.js In the document, in this mode, the application displays “fill as many parts of the screen as needed, and preload the next part off the screen. This allows seamless sliding between the mobile device and the page on the desktop /Scroll, but the performance is not as good as the default method.” (The default method here is to display only one part at a time).

New option to use decorative (real) shadows that simulate the appearance of real books

Other reading improvements in this version:

  • Can display decorative shadows that mimic the appearance of real books ( Menu button -> Advanced -> Realistic Shadows )
  • The ability to zoom in and out
  • Improved image viewer with “Save As” option
  • Open a copy of a book in a new window ( Ctrl + N )
  • Reload books ( Ctrl + R )
  • New built-in themes: Gray, Daylight, Gruvbox, North

When I say that this is a major version, I am not kidding. There are even more changes in Foliate 2.0:

  • Ability to select text across pages
  • Find selected text in book
  • Speak selected text or speak from selected location
  • Spell check comments (requires new optional dependencies gspell )
  • Export comments to Markdown
  • Options to highlight with custom colors
  • Supports Apple Books theme attribute, which allows books to detect themes without JavaScript
  • Developer tools for WebKit can now be enabled
  • Setup structure has been reorganized
  • The format of the custom theme has changed
  • The size of the current position is 1024 characters
  • Bug fix

Download 叶面

The latest Foliate 2.0 can be installed from the following locations FlatHub with Snapshot storage . Although the application is warehouse For many Linux distributions, it has not been updated to the latest version in most cases. You can also create leaf shapes From source .
There is also a Foliate 2.0 DEB package available for download from the app GitHub release page , It should work on Debian , Ubuntu and Linux distributions based on these, such as Linux Mint, Pop! _OS, Elementary OS, Zorin OS, etc. I just tested it on Ubuntu 20.04 (and didn’t encounter any problems).


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