Font Manager: A simple open source application for GTK+ desktop

Introduction: A rudimentary and simple font manager application that allows you to concentrate on adjusting fonts on Linux systems.

If you are an experienced Linux user, you may be using a terminal or adjustment tool to manage fonts on your Linux system.

To be honest, no matter how useful the GNOME adjustment tool is-just managing fonts can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, a separate application can help you manage fonts well.

Font Manager: an open source application that helps manage fonts

The font manager (actually the name of the application) is an application dedicated to helping you manage fonts.

You will get detailed information about the font family, available variants, and the ability to filter and adjust the font height, width, spacing, etc. Considering that it is a simple application, you will not find many features, but I will briefly introduce some features below.

Features of the font manager

Font manager settings

  • Ability to add fonts
  • Ability to delete fonts
  • Easily filter fonts based on family, vendor, spacing, height, etc.
  • Adjust font scaling
  • Adjust font anti-aliasing (softness/clarity)
  • Add font sources to preview them before installing
  • Provide keyboard shortcuts to quickly manage things
  • Google fonts integration out of the box
  • Get detailed information about available characters for family fonts, licenses, font sizes, vendors, file types, spacing, widths and styles

Font manager display

Overall, you can easily install or delete fonts. However, you will get many benefits when managing fonts, as shown in the screenshot above.

Install font manager on Linux

You will get multiple installation options (depending on the Linux distribution you are using).

If you have an Ubuntu -based distribution, you can easily add a PPA to install the font manager with the following command:

                        sudo add-apt-repository ppa:font-manager/staging
sudo apt update
sudo apt install font-manager

If you don’t like PPA (I prefer to install PPA this way), you can also install Provide Flatpak kit On any Linux distribution.

You only need to enable Flatpak on your Linux system and search for it on the software center (if it supports Flatpak integration), or just type the following command to install:

                        flatpak install flathub org.gnome.FontManager

If you are an Arch user, you can find package In AUR.

For more installation instructions, you may need to refer to its Official website with GitHub page .

Download font manager

wrap up

The font manager is a simple solution for any GTK+-based desktop environment. Mainly used for GNOME, but you can also use it for other desktop environments.

I think you get a lot of useful information while being able to add or delete fonts, and obviously this is a no-nonsense font manager.

What do you think of Font Manager? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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