Font Manager now supports downloading and installing Google Web fonts

Want to install Google Fonts on Ubuntu ? GTK + Font Manager now adds support for Google Fonts integration.

Font manager A simple font management tool for GTK + desktop environment. With the release of version 0.8.0, we’ve added support for downloading and managing Google Web Fonts, allowing you to use Google Fonts for offline use on your desktop.

Font Manager 0.8 change log:

  • Fixed FTBFS with Vala0.50 +
  • Add Google Fonts integration using the G button in the header bar.
  • Requires WebKitGtk and libsoup
  • Allow the contents of the comparison list to be saved
  • Add GNOME Shell search provider
  • Update Unicode data to 13.0
  • Update vendor data

How to install Font Manager 0.8.0 on Ubuntu 20.04:

For software Official Staging PPA Includes the latest packages for Ubuntu 20.04 and Ubuntu 20.10.

1. Open terminal From the system application launcher. Once open, run the command to add the PPA.

                      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:font-manager/staging

Enter the user password for the sudo prompt (without asterisk feedback) and press Enter to continue.

2. Then, if you have an older version installed, use SoftwareUpdater to upgrade the font manager. Alternatively, run the command in the terminal to install.

                      sudo apt install font-manager

Uninstall Font Manager

To delete the PPA repository[ソフトウェアとアップデート]->[その他のソフトウェア]Go to the tab or run the command in the terminal.

                      sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:font-manager/staging

Use the command to remove the font manager if needed.

                      sudo apt remove font-manager font-manager-common

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