Free and open source RTS game 0 AD Alpha 24Xšayāršā released

0 AD Three years have passed since the last release, and Alpha 24 “Xšayāršā” was released on the weekend.

This is a free and open source historical real-time strategy (RTS) game that runs on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. It has components of real-time strategy games, including base building, economic development, army training, combat and technical research. The game has single player and multiplayer game functions.

0 AD was originally started as the general conversion module concept of “Age of Empires II: Age of Kings”. Then, the developers thought that making mods was too restrictive, so they created an internal engine.For more information about the game, please check This page.

It is worth noting that 0 AD is still considered Alpha software, mainly because it has not yet completed its functions (for example, new civilizations have been added to most releases), but the game is playable. However, according to the game download page, there are still some errors, such as some lag when moving multiple units, large maps may cause problems, and formations are disabled.

No official release date has been set for the stable version.

0 AD alpha 24 texture
0 Cavalry model and texture comparison between AD alpha 23 and 24. Picture from

0 AD alpha 24 changes include:

  • Important artwork improvements: reworked meshes, animations (including new idle, attack, defense, and collection animations), textures and materials of many units, and new models
  • 9 new skirmish maps​​and a new map browser
  • Hundreds of balance adjustments
  • Now you can easily place buildings next to each other by snapping
  • Unit behavior improvement
  • World population settings
  • Anti-aliasing renderer: You can choose between no anti-aliasing, FXAA and various levels of MSAA.The engine also adds a “contrast adaptive sharpening” filter
  • New in-game hotkey editor
  • You can now host password-protected games in the lobby
  • User interface improvements, such as displaying the number of active collectors under resource counts, ceasefire time coverage maps, and improved tooltips
  • Reinforcement learning interface, a machine learning technology that can be used to train AI to play games
  • more

The developers also noticed that although 0 AD alpha 24 is the longest release version, they want to “return to a more conventional timeline.”

You may also want to check out 0 AD alpha 24 trailer:

Go to Website to read the full 0 AD alpha 24 release announcement.

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Download 0 AD

On Linux, many Linux distributions provide 0 AD, including Arch Linux/Manjaro, Debian/Ubuntu (including stable and development PPA), Fedora, Gentoo, openSUSE, etc. Common packages (AppImage, Flatpak and Fragment) can also be used. However, at the time of writing, in most cases 0 AD has not been updated to the latest alpha 24 version.

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