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How to Install VIM Text Editor on FreeBSD 12

You just moved from Linux or Windows to FreeBSD and you’re wondering how you can install VIM Text Editor on FreeBSD 12 ?. Choosing the right text / code editor for your daily tasks is crucial to ensure you deliver in time and keep up with the workload. VIM comes with an impressive set of… read more »

How to set hostname and static IP address on FreeBSD 12

So you are trying to learn how to set a host name and a static IP address on FreeBSD 12? In this guide, I will show you how easy hostnames and static IP addresses are on FreeBSD 12. Please note that FreeBSD network interface identifier uses driver name With one number. # ifconfig em0: flags=8843… read more »

How to install Webmin on FreeBSD 12

How do I install Webmin on FreeBSD 12? Webmin is a popular open source web-based system configuration tool for Linux and Unix systems. With Webmin, you can set up user accounts, manager Apache web server, DNS server, samba and file configuration, email server, package management, manage database server and more. Installing Webmin on FreeBSD 12… read more »

How to install PostgreSQL 11 on FreeBSD 12

Welcome to today’s article on how to install PostgreSQL 11 on FreeBSD 12. PostgreSQL is the most advanced open source object relational database system that can be used to manage large data sets. It has features to ensure fault tolerance and data integrity. Check the PostgreSQL 11 version page for new features. PostgreSQL database servers… read more »

TrueOS-the best FreeBSD distribution for desktop users

Introduction to TrueOS Finally, there is something in the FreeBSD house for cooking. News about what FreeBSD is doing is rare, and TrueOS does break that monotony. This is a rolling operating system whose parent or basic level is FreeBSD. This gives you access to all the latest features, applications and drivers from its parent…. read more »