From Valve to the Cloud: How will Linux games evolve in 2021

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In many ways, Linux is one of the most divided phenomena in the computer world today. Of course, most of the discussions surrounding these operating systems are still full of joy, lightness and ease, and carry the competition of technology leaders that distinguish Apple and Android users, or those who think wearable technology is the future and those who cannot understand The difference between the functions of iPhone and iWatch.

In essence, there are Linux devotees and Linux opponents-few of them have absolutely nothing to say about this matter.

However, one area that has long silenced Linux proponents is in gaming. For supporters, this is an obvious comfort-in fact, the problem is not Linux, but developers and distributors do not seem to have, they seem to ignore the huge user base, they are eager for better diversity, more Good gameplay and better game titles.

Therefore, although Linus users can take full advantage of Proton, this is only half of the story, and there has been a huge and huge loophole in the past few years, which is where game publishing is very lacking.

However, there are many suggestions that show that gaming restrictions will soon be a thing of the past for Linux users, and 2021 is already preparing to give way to a new list of titles and opportunities. Read more below.

Continuous improvement of web-based gameplay

Although this may not be unique to Linux users, the truth is that web-based games that can run exclusively in our existing browsers continue to represent one of the most exciting branches of the global gaming industry.

Although they represent the ancestors of modern PC games, many of the world’s oldest favorites-from the browser-based RPG RuneScape to websites that provide the best browsers, Online poker, The genre at the beginning of the industry has maintained its leading position for more than two decades.

However, people have renewed interest in these books, but it turns out that they are not capable of developing with the Internet throughout the 2000s and 2010s. For example, a variety of browser games pay tribute to early trends, from the title “10 Bullets” inspired by “Space Invaders” to the new game features of social media giant Twitter.

Valve brings Steam to Linux-users?

Valve’s interest in improving gaming opportunities for Linux users is not new. Their emphasis on Proton game development means that many existing Linux users can enjoy Triple-A games without running the Windows Emulator.

In their own review of 2020, Steam announced that they will work on a new commitment to “Provide potential users with new ways to participate in Linux games“This fact implies that Linux’s difficult journey through the gaming world may take a dramatic turn. Once, Linux users had a solemn responsibility to define Linux games and praise Proton’s interests without paying attention to the huge loopholes in development. In the future, users seem to foresee tangible growth.

Although Steam is still conservative about the exact nature of its plans-it is expected to be announced in the near future, but in any case, it means “close” in this case-but people have made a lot of possible ways to enhance their efforts Guess it may appear among new users.

From creating their own streaming services to compete with competitors such as Stadia, Luna and xCloud, to releasing their own hardware series, Linux users seem to have embraced the various possibilities under the sun. This is understandable. They are very Eager to learn more about Linux. What will Proton and Linux gamers have in future Linux games? And whether we can finally make a clear answer to this question, is Linux good for games?

However, until then, we will have to remain patient and continue to praise the many benefits of using Linux for gaming-while conveniently ignoring the long-standing gaps that will be filled in the near future and soon be recognized by people Forgotten.

You can download this article in PDF format via the link below to support us.
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