gallery-dl-Download image galleries and collections from the command line

gallery-dl Is a command line program that downloads image libraries and image collections from various image hosting websites that can run on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
This tool can download images in batches from popular websites, such as:

  • Behavior: Download images from users, collections, and galleries
  • DeviantArt: Download holdings, deviations, favorites, folders, galleries, journals, hot pictures, scrapbooks,
  • Flickr: Download images from users, albums, favorites, galleries, groups, single images, search results)
  • Gfycat: only a single image
  • Imgur: Download an album or a single image
  • ImageBam: Download gallery, single image
  • Instagram: Download images or individual images from users
  • Photobucket: Download albums and individual images
  • Pinterest: download board, pins, link, related pins)
  • Reddit: download a single image, submit content, subreddit
  • Tumblr: Download images from users, likes, posts, tags search
  • Twitter: Download media timelines, timelines, tweets
  • Wallhaven: Download individual images and search results
  • Weibo: Download user pictures and status pictures

Supports many other websites- Complete list.
For some websites, as long as the website has this feature, gallery-dl can download the entire collection. In some cases, such as Gfycat, gallery-dl downloads only a single image.
gallery-dl not only supports a large number of websites, but also provides many options:

  • Download image range instead of entire gallery or collection (--range RANGE)
  • Control images to download using Python expressions (--filter EXPR)
  • Download all URLs into a text file, ignoring URLs where the extractor cannot be found (--input-file FILE)
  • Compress the downloaded image file into a zip archive (--zip)
  • Print the download URL instead of the actual download file (--get-urls)
  • Specify the number of download retries (--retries RETRIES)
  • Specify the proxy to use when downloading image galleries or collections (--proxy URL)

You can learn more about these and other gallery-dl options by looking at their help (gallery-dl --help). In addition, some configuration options are available through a JSON-based configuration file, you can read about Here.
In addition, gallery-dl has the option to download image libraries and picture collections by allowing authentication on certain websites by using gallery-dl.conf File (such as pixiv or wallhaven), or use OAuth (for DebiantArt, Flickr, Reddit or Tumblr).

Installation and use of gallery-dl

The download page provides Windows binaries, Python Whl, and source files. On Linux, you can installation Using PyPI / pip, from source or gallery-dl by using the gallery-dl snap package, the package should run on any Linux distribution (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Fedora, Arch Linux, etc.) Capture settings. To install gallery-dl from Snapshot storage, Or look in your software application (if the Snap plugin is installed), or use the following command to install:

snap install gallery-dl

You can now start downloading the gallery using gallery-dl by specifying the gallery URL as a parameter.

gallery-dl <''>

example. Let’s say you want to download all cats from a kimono image This Imgur album Use gallery-dl. Open a terminal and use the following command:


Images in this Imgur album are now being downloaded gallery-dl/imgur/Album Name (and so gallery-dl If you aren’t using your terminal to browse other locations, you should automatically create folders in your home directory).
If you want to download the image to another directory, use the following command to specify the download path --dest DEST,E.g:

gallery-dl --dest  <''>

Another example includes downloading image ranges. In this example, we will download the first 30 images from DeviantArt’s Digital Art Category (30 most popular pictures of the month):

gallery-dl --range 1-30

--range 1-30 Set gallery-dl to download from image 1 to image 30 only. Without this, gallery-dl will try to download all images from this DeviantArt category, and this is not what you want, as this may download a lot of images.
View program help (gallery-dl --help)with Project page More information on how to use it.


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