Geeqie lightweight image viewer

Geeqie is a free open source image viewer and image organizer for Linux, BSD, MacOS, and Solaris. Another popular image viewer fork of GQview. You can view all image metadata and Exif / IPTC / XMP data from an image. It also supports color histograms and image tags, keywords and comment options. Other useful features include OpenStreetMap maps of GPS coordinates in images, zoom, thumbnails, caches, file grouping, drag and drop, collections, image ratings, and a built-in duplicate finder.

You can also remotely control Geeqie from external software and apply color profiles embedded in the image. It also comes with search, basic image editing, stereoscopic image support and more.

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Geeqie image viewer

Install Geeqie on Ubuntu

If you don’t have flatpak, please install it from the link below. Then reboot the system after installation.

How to install flatpak and flathub on Ubuntu

Then use the following command in your terminal application to install the Geeqie Image Viewer on your Ubuntu system.Open a terminal (ctrl + alt + t) and run

flatpak install flathub org.geeqie.Geeqie

Install the latest version of Geeqie Image Viewer on Ubuntu. After installation, run the following code to launch Geeqie.

flatpak run org.geeqie.Geeqie

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