Get the 2018 FIFA World Cup schedule and ranking from the command line through wowcup

2018 World Cup It is currently an international men’s football (soccer) match held in Russia. If you are looking for a way to easily get a list of fixtures or standing status from the command line, either because you spend most of your time on the console, or in scripts or other applications (such as Conky), Please give me a try.Wow cup Is a simple node command line application that uses API to display the upcoming FIFA 2018 World Cup schedule, previous game scores and team rankings.
The tool is inspired by EmbaThis is a similar but more advanced command-line software that can obtain various NBA statistics and real-time playback, game-by-game, game preview and box score information from the console.
wowcup development started about 10 days ago, so don’t expect too many features. In addition, since the Football World Cup lasts only one month and is held every four years, I think it is not worth spending a lot of time to develop a full-featured console application for it. But wowcup does a good job of displaying the current status and fixtures of the previous and upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup matches.

  • Show previous fixtures (last 24 hours): wowcup fixtures --last
  • Show the next fixture (the next 24 hours): wowcup fixtures --next
  • Show the currently playing game (real time score): wowcup fixtures --playing
  • Get ranking:
    • Ranking of all groups: wowcup standings
    • For specific groups: wowcup standings --table GROUP_LETTER (Replace GROUP_LETTER with the group letters A to H)

You can avoid displaying the initial title by adding additional titles (big red “2018 FIFA World Cup” text) --quiet To the wowcup command.
For example, here is how to use wowcup to get the Group B FIFA World Cup 2018 ranking from the command line (I added --quiet Hide initial title):

$ wowcup standings --table b --quiet
⚽️ League table B
│ # │ Team     │ MP │ Pts │ GF │ GA │ GD │
│ 1 │ Iran     │ 1  │ 3   │ 1  │ 0  │ 1  │
│ 2 │ Portugal │ 1  │ 1   │ 3  │ 3  │ 0  │
│ 2 │ Spain    │ 1  │ 1   │ 3  │ 3  │ 0  │
│ 4 │ Morocco  │ 1  │ 0   │ 0  │ 1  │ -1 │
⚽️ fetching league table B... done

Another example shows the live score of the currently playing game (again, using --quiet Hide initial title):FIFA World Cup command line score

I used the screenshot in the second example because if I paste it into the article, the terminal output will be messy.

Install the 2018 FIFA World Cup console tool wowcup

To install wowcup, you need to install Node.js and npm (if not already installed). On Ubuntu, Debian or Linux Mint, I suggest to follow the instructions below to install Node.js and npm, or use Node Versiuon Manager (Nvm) Install these.
After the setup is complete, you can install wowcup using the following command:

npm install -g wowcup

See This one Page about official wowcup documentation/usage.