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We live in a world ruled by technology, many of which can help us simplify all aspects of life. As a job seeker, I decided to use the help of technology to create my application documents. Since this is my first time using a cover letter and resume builder, I will review the “Get Cover Letter” platform and share my impressions.

Get cover letter service reviews

Get Cover Letter is relatively young. It was established in February 2019, but quickly became popular among more than 500,000 unique visitors worldwide. According to the site’s data, 133,282 application documents were created using the “cover letter” service, and 10,028 users reported receiving the required work. These numbers are really impressive, especially for startups.

Initially, the platform only provided a cover letter generator. However, recently the company has decided to diversify its services.Today, online builder Provide resume and cover letter creation options. For job seekers, it is very convenient to put these two options in one place. Therefore, it can be said that a cover letter can simplify the job search process and make the application process easier.

Get a cover letter website from my perspective

In order to attract the attention of recruiters, applicants need to prepare a customized cover letter and resume. Moreover, they should do this for every position they apply to. I knew it would take a long time to prepare these documents for multiple positions, so I started looking for professional services to help me complete this task faster. I considered different options and was surprised that such a simple process became so complicated. Then I found the “Get Cover Letter” builder and found that this was an exception.

The intuitive interface is the first thing that caught my attention. The website is divided into several sections: about us, cover letter, resume and blog. The navigation is intuitive, but I always find easy-to-follow instructions and helpful hints. To be honest, this is the number one reason I chose the “cover letter” builder. Now let us introduce section by section so that you can understand my experience.

about us

Knowing what I am dealing with is always important to me. This is why my knowledge of the “Get Cover Letter” website started in the “About Us” section. Before delegating important documents (such as cover letters and resumes) to someone, I want to make sure that the experts do.

The About Us section is an ideal way to understand the company and its activities. However, I am very grateful for the opportunity to get to know all employees. After all, these people are the people responsible for creating documents that can help us get an interview invitation or miss this opportunity. The brief information about each employee includes a link to their LinkedIn profile, which helps me understand their background.

When collecting information about a particular company, I always check the comments of other users. This helps me gain a comprehensive understanding before making a decision, because a good wrapper may not cover up anything.I found a cover letter writing service review in the following areas with Top rated local. They emphasized the real advantages and quality service of the builders. Moreover, I am not the only one who thinks it is very easy to use.

Cover letter generator

I decided to prepare my cover letter first because the comments aroused my interest. It is worth noting that you have not only got a brief explanation here. Get Cover Letter experts have created a detailed step-by-step guide to help you create imposition documents. The creation of my cover letter includes a few simple steps:

  1. I chose industry and position.

I was surprised by the list of proposed industries. The creator of the cover letter offers 24 different options, including all the most popular and some fairly rare options. The list of professions is impressive. It has more than 900 different positions. Unlike other builders, there is even an opportunity to write a cover letter for the scholarship program. With such a wide range of choices, anyone can find what they want.

  1. I chose the design.

The builder provides 50 different professional cover letter templates, from standard and simple models to creative and stylish templates. You can also change the template color as needed.

  1. I entered some initial data.

The builder asked me to enter personal data: first and last name, address, phone number and email. I also specified the recruitment information and selected the date. However, the builder reminded me that this is the date I created the document and I should change it before sending a copy. I like this useful reminder because it is easy to forget and send a week-long letter.

  1. I chose my skills.

This stage is dedicated to my skills. One of the biggest advantages of this builder is that you don’t have to make some suggestions yourself. The generator provides you with a list of skills suitable for the selected position. Your task is to choose the most relevant to you.according to Sitejabber In the comments, the “Get Cover Letter” builder provides the largest set of custom skills to help create a cover letter.

  1. I choose my own way of working.

This is one of the best methods I have encountered. First, you choose the way you like to work, such as teamwork or problem solving. Then, based on this selection, you will get a list of personal qualities. You only need to select the most relevant content and they will be included in your cover letter.

  1. I edited my text.

After answering all the questions and entering all the information, you will get a unique cover letter text. In my case, I only added two sentences to illustrate my motivation. The rest of the cover letter fits me perfectly. Moreover, there are no errors or typos in my text, which is the basic quality of any job application document. At this stage, you can adjust the format. But mine is perfect. The text has enough white space and is very readable.

that’s it. The cover letter is ready. The preview function allows me to see what the final document will look like. The builder also provides some options for further operations: send a cover letter to job seekers, download a PDF document or print it.

Resume maker

The “Get Cover Letter” builder helps create truly customized resumes. I saw it with my own eyes. After six simple steps, I got a complete and unique self-introduction, which gave me the opportunity for a job interview. Therefore, I can share my experience with you.

  • I chose the design.

At this stage, I selected a suitable template from the suggested set. Some of them are formal and simple in design. Others are creative and fashionable.During inspection Recognized expert When getting reviews of the cover letter builder, I noticed that other users really liked the many different design options, and thanked the platform experts for their suggestions on when to use each specific template.

  • I entered my personal information.

Here, I need to enter my name, contact information, title, and add links to my profile on LinkedIn and Facebook. Special tips are provided to help complete this section. They helped me learn how to enter my contact information correctly, and which countries do not need photos in my resume to avoid mistakes that would leave a good impression on me.

  • I added my work history.

This is one of the most important parts of a resume, because it can help employers understand your identity and background. You should follow the builder’s suggestion and express your previous work experience in reverse chronological order. Choose your work date and highlight your responsibilities. The “Get Cover Letter” builder provided me with some examples of how to fill out this section correctly.

  • I filled out the education section.

This section is near the end of the document in the resume template I chose because I already have some experience. However, if you are a fresh graduate with little or no experience, you should choose a template in which the education part should first be paid attention to. This part is very simple. I indicated the university name, start and end dates, field of study and degree. I also mentioned the topics I have studied and the projects I have participated in.

  • I chose my skills.

At this stage, I manually entered some skills and then selected some from the suggested list. In addition, the design I chose allows me to assess and rate my proficiency in the specified skills. It visualizes the content of the resume and makes it more attractive.

  • I wrote a summary.

Summary is the first thing that recruiters look at. Therefore, it is important to use this opportunity to describe yourself as a true professional and a suitable candidate for the position. But it turns out that it’s easier said than done. Fortunately, I got detailed instructions and excellent examples provided by Get Cover Letter experts, which saved me. Using these techniques, I made a perfect summary in just a few sentences.


This blog contains a lot of interesting articles written by cover letter experts. It helped me define how to recover resumes and cover letters. I learned how to write a cover letter, what to write in a resume summary, the skills and personal qualities to include, and how to list my certifications.

Another advantage of getting a cover letter is that it can help you even after creating the application documents. This blog contains interesting insights on how to prepare for an interview and what questions you might be asked.

The special article details the employment process and characteristics of people interested in working in certain countries or companies.

My conclusion

The “Get Cover Letter” builder helped me create a cover letter and continue working without wasting time staring at a blank page. Moreover, both builders are very fast. My cover letter was built from scratch in about 8 minutes, while my resume took longer, which is 15 minutes. However, it is much faster than other platforms that provide similar services. Because of this speed, I became one of the top five applicants, and the interesting design, clear instructions and helpful suggestions helped create the document that won my interview.

Last but not least, it is reasonably priced. The cheap price is very reasonable for what you get. Getting a cover letter even gives you free full access for the first week.

This is the first time I have used a cover letter, but this is definitely not my last. Hope my comment is helpful, but I suggest you read it for yourself. Go to the website, view the cover letter and restore samples, read the blog, and get all the advantages of creating application documents online.

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